Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Moving to Casino Rama for a couple nights Willie tomorrow.

Where are we today ?
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         Hey just another wonderful day here gonna be warm, humid and some rain. After a nice walkabout, we packing up and heading on the road. And said see-ya later to a few friends as well. Got that all done before the rain started was wonderful! Pulled out by 10 am, no rush only about a 2 hour drive today. And as usual playing our CD of Willie Nelson. "On the Road Again".
          Heading to Casino Rama near Orillia today. A nice country drive, but most of it was raining, not a problem we not in a hurry and not much traffic.
Enjoy the back country roads
     After cruising through Bobcaygeon  in the rain we went through Fenlon Falls another nice small town on the Trent Severn Waterway with another lift lock. We did not stop because of the heavy rain but is another nice place to enjoy the locks.
down town Fenlon Falls
the lift lock is there, not a good shot though
carried on down the road and a bit of sunshine
 for a while
heading into the casino,
rv parking around the back
    All set up by noon a nice light lunch then a walkabout the Casino to check it out. Has been 5 years since we have been here.
we have a nice parking spot in the RV spaces
we like free parking.
lots of rv's here well spaced out.
          Suzie and I headed into the casino to check out our Players cards. Seeing as it has been a while they gave us each $10.00 free slot play to welcome us back. Again we like free. We played the penny slots for a while made a couple bucks but played it all back in. no big winnings today.
Suzie looking for a bear hug
and got one
we are in the back right corner
    Then spent a while outside reading and enjoying a nice cool breeze under cloudy skies.
we have a nice spot, nobody beside us
         Soon time to whip up supper, just because we can.
         Tonight a Tuna pot pie. For the recipe click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar, pretty well the same recipe I use for my Chicken pot pie.
so easy
very tasty and of course leftovers
this is Max when he stopped by
last night to get a pet
and give Suzie a doggie fix.
    Still enjoying a wonderful evening outside and did get a pretty nice sunset across the parking lot, more rv's pulling in too. Still nice and warm and still in shorts and t-shirts but it's now 8:30 pm pretty dark and time to head inside for the night.
What a great way to end the day
    That was it for another fun day in the road.  And looking forward to visitors tomorrow for lunch and Wille Nelson tomorrow night.
     Thanks for stopping by again and hope you had a wonderful day as well.

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  1. We are so looking forward to getting on the road tomorrow. Free is the best. That is a gorgeous sunset.

    1. On the road is always good, travel safe and enjoy the journey

  2. Are there electrical hooks up there? I love that recipe..must try it.

    1. The pot pie was tasty and so easy.
      No hookups here , this is a parking lot where they allow rv's to park. We will be here 2 nights, some people longer.

  3. Better get a lot of rest for that big concert. I am sure you "party animals" will be up most of the night carrying on...hehe

    1. Gonna try, the show starts at 9pm= bedtime lol....

  4. That's the problem in my book - late starts for concerts and other events. If they'd start at 6 PM, we'd probably go to them more often. Take a nap and then go enjoy the concert.

    1. I will try for a nap, not likely though. Tomorrow night starts at 8 pm, we could have done that, but I guess I goofed, no problem guess I will sleep a bit later tomorrow.

  5. The casinos count on you putting it all back in - and I always do.

    1. So far only the free play,only won $1.20 so may as well put it back in, they got out money for the concert tickets, and lunch on Friday.

  6. Willie Nelson, I'd been watching the clock until it was time.

  7. It looked like a wet drive but to see Willie, I would do it too! Have fun.


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