Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Peterborough Farmers Market last visit this year and a nice almost fall day.

Where are we today ?
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          Another cool morning but is warming up quickly as the sun comes up so really not too bad of a day. Campground is pretty well full but at 7:30 am is very quiet. Just the way I like it.
nice view over the swamp
beautiful clear blue skies
        Craft sale today at the clubhouse  at 9 am and I have a few things we would like to sell. Our friend Monique agreed to look after our few items as she has a large table set up. We wanted to go to the Peterbourgh Farmers market, again. it is the last day that we will be in this area when the market is on this year, so want to do a final tour, lots of fresh fruit and veggies at this time of year. As  well as lotsa people but we (I) wanted to go.  We left here at 9 am checked out the market and picked up a few groceries.  Some nice pics of the market but really not much we needed, Sampled a sausage roll snd picked up some very tasty Kielbasa. some for Pat and a small piece for us.
     After the market stopped by "No Frills" for some bargains and checked out Giant Tiger for some deals. Nothing we needed there but was on our way. Then back home by 11:30 in time to make a nice light lunch (homemade soup and fresh fruit). Sure hit the spot.
     More quality reading time in the shade on a nice quiet afternoon. then join in the "Happy Hour" at Pat and Norm's with a few friends and some nice light nibbles.
BJ (Billie Jean) keeping and eye on things
and a doggie fix for Suzie
Again stories and laughs are always fun
      Supper tonight the rest of our beef in a jar, "stew" and a salad was excellent. Easy quick meal.
very tasty
     Now relaxing once again on a nice quite end of summer evening, cooling down quickly but still enjoying this fresh evening air.
     Thanks for stopping by again.

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  1. I just love those markets. It's fun to check out the fresh food items and crafts. I wish we had more good ones around here!

    1. The markets are always fun to visit when we can.

  2. We love Kiebasa sausage. The best I ever had was in Winnipeg. Out here I can't find the real deal...

    1. We have found some places that have really good Kielbasa like some small butcher shops that we enjoy. And this one at the market always has a long lineup.


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