Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall is now on the air so lets make some soup, and homemade spaghetti sauce.

Where are we today ? 
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        Well yesterday's heat wave went away, looks like fall weather is here. Temps into the high 60's f but did get some sunshine.
        So with the cooler fall weather want to make a HUGE pot of turkey noodle soup with the bones from 2-12lb leftover turkeys from last weeks Dart banquet donated from Melinda and Gerry and stored in their freezer. I was able to borrow a large stock pot from the clubhouse to make to soup stock I do miss the large pots I use to have in my restaurant, but not worth keeping for the odd time I need them.
        Started the broth at 7:30 this morning 3 hours boiling the bones for a nice hearty soup stock and smelling wonderful.

        While this was simmering away I made quick trip to Forest for a few supplies. And spotted this very interesting looking house below.
love this unique design
back home to carry on with the soup
added the veggies, spices and noodles
and by noon was perfect
           Shared this soup with Gerry and Melinda, we both have lotsa soup to enjoy.
love homemade soup
        Then around 3 pm I began making some homemade spaghetti sauce with ground Turkey. Home made spaghetti sauce click HERE for an easy recipe.Our friends Richard and Marylou dropped a few fresh garden tomatoes right in time for my spaghetti sauce the other day. Nothing like free fresh garden tomatoes.
         As I began the sauce Paul and Judy stopped by for "Happy Hour", Gerry, Tucker and Melinda joined us as well as Harry and Jackie. Everyone met each other and conversation just flowed. What a fun time.
doggie fix for Suzie again, yup
she loves it here.
homemade sauce simmers for a while
and was wonderful
               Did the spaghetti squash in the microwave 12 minutes = perfect added the sauce and we had a wonderful healthy spaghetti dinner. And of course enough leftovers and sauce that I froze for another meal.
missed a pic of the meal
but was wonderful 
     What a great fall day we had, sunny  weather, much cooler, friends stop by and some great homemade meals. Yup we love this lifestyle.
       Now too cool to sit outside tonight so looks like we will have to suffer with less outside evening. But then a again fall is in the air.
       Thanks for stopping in and hope your fall day was as nice as ours.

 When we head south
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  1. When we had our other house, we had a huge garden. We would grow tons of tomatoes. Once they were ripe, I would cook them down and make the most delicious Italian sauce ever. We would grow our own herbs too. I would freeze gallons of sauce for winter. Delicious!
    The soup looks yummmmmy!

    1. The sauce was wonderful really enjoyed it, and the soup very tasty as well. I have not had a garden for almost 30 years, I was usually too busy working to have time for one, barely had time to mow the lawn.

  2. Fall does make one want to make a pot of soup or chili. I carry one of those huge stock pots in the RV and use it maybe only twice per season. Nice to have it if I want it.

    1. Making soup is perfect for this weather
      I can usually borrow a large stock pot if I need it which is very rare anymore.

  3. We always had a big garden when we lived in Washington and loved it. However, after we moved to Texas, it wasn't quite so fun or so easy. Love fresh tomatoes picked off the vine.

    1. Nothing quite like fresh tomatoes off the vine.

  4. Hope that cool weather finds us soon! Mid west hast been very hot and humid. Cool salads are on our menu!

    1. You should be getting it soon. I would prefer warmer weather to go with cool salads.
      But we take what we can get I guess.

  5. I finally figured it out, you're a foodie. Next thing we'll see you taking on Bobby Flay! :cD

  6. I enjoy cooking and 10 years in my restaurant was fun. But not taking on Bobby Flay, out of my league.


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