Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Nice drive to Bobcaygeon Lift Lock #32 and enjoy the quiet times here with friends after the Labor Day weekend.

Where are we today ?
clic on a pic to enalarge it
          Just another nice day here in paradise and loving this weather, warming up again for a few days. Nice walkabouts early morning then ran a few errands, home for a wonderful light lunch.
          Read for a bit then decided to make a nice country drive (about 20 minutes) to Bobcaygeon and stop by the cemetery to say Hi to my Dad at his final resting place who has been gone now for 20 years and his wife Shirley who passed away in 2011. Have so many great memories of wonderful times we had over the years and many of them in Bobcaygeon.
       While in town I drove around checking out some of my old haunts here and reliving a few memories of way back then. Had to stop by the Lift lock #32 just because, that's what I always did every time I was in town, some 40 odd years ago. Not a lot has changed still has the small town cottage country feel in most places.
Bigley's across the river
nice store but too pricey for us
the old swing bridge is still there on the main street
and operational for the tall boats
going through the lift lock
Main reason I made the trip here
to remember my Father 
      On the way back I stopped at Kawartha Winery to see if they had an Apple wine that Suzie likes, and yes they did so picked up a bottle for her to savour.
One very huge Inukshuk here
wonderful old log cabin is the Winery
tasting room
        Now back home to enjoy more reading in the shade until our neighbours began "Happy hour". So not wanting to be anti social we joined them for a while. Great conversation and a few snacks we all had a good time as usual, soon this years Happy hours with these people will be done, we depart here Thursday morning.
yummy snacks
        Eventually we head home about 5 o'clock preheat our Weber Q to grill a nice pork loin roast, about 45 minutes to 150f internal temp. Add to our salad and was exactly what we wanted and leftover too= perfect.
pork loin and a cored apple
with cinnamon in the centre
tasty , yes
      After supper while out side reading, we heard, then saw a pileated wood pecker again, chopping away at the trees looking for dinner. This is twice this week we have spotted him/her I assume the same one.
        Now as I took the garbage out I was able to catch a bit of a nice sunset through the trees, best we can get here.
    While enjoying more of this wonderful warm evening Jim and Sharon walked by with Max , Suzie got another doggie fix. What a great way to wind up another wonderful day.
Max wants to be petted by Suzie
no problem there.
      This warm summer weather has come back again for a few days, that we don't mind at all. Soon wrapping up our stay here then relocate for a while, just cause we can, and love the life style. Very dark now at 9pm but still quite nice out here, but time to head inside for the night.
        Thanks once again for stopping on by.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this summer


  1. We made Green Apple wine last year. Yummy!

    I don't believe there is a person alive that would call you two antisocial!

    1. We used to make it too, and was her favourite but really don't want to carry that much all at once, with no other place to store it.
      We do like hang out with other people sometimes, when we can.

  2. It was much cooler today than we liked and that's because the rain came in. It's a good thing it's due to move right on out in a couple days. We froze to the bone with all the humidity and had the furnace plus 3 electric heaters running. However, the good news is this will go away and temperatures will be back in the 80's in a few days.

    1. Amazing how the weather can change in a flash, that's good about the warmer weather.

  3. Sounds like another great day!

    It is fun watching the boats going through the locks. I think one of the neatest locks is the one near Peterborough (Lock #21) which is a proper lift lock, sort of like an elevator. The boat goes into what looks like a big swimming pool and then the whole lift lowers/lifts up like an elevator and the the boat gets off. It is the highest lift lock in the world and needs no external power because it works totally on gravity using the counterweight principal.

    That apple wine sounds pretty tasty. :-)

    1. It is always fun watching the boats go through the locks.
      Love Lock #21 we were there earlier this summer it is amazing to see. And they had a Lock n Paddle Day for Canada Day with quite a dew hundred canoes and kayaks crammed in but missed it by a day. They broke a record this year too.

  4. I could stand at that lock in Bobcageon for hours, or until my hip started to ache. Shop in the shoe store all you want, I'm quite happy right out here.

    1. That's right watch the boats here for hours, no shopping for us either. Checked it out years ago that was enough.

  5. Glad you enjoyed yesterady's weather!

    1. The warmer weather suits me just fine, not so much some people though.

  6. I'm assuming those names are from Indian origin or the like? although Bobcaygeon doesn't exactly sound that? French? Heck... where DO those names come from?

    1. Not sure where the names come from but they sure are unique and love them for this area.


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