Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Happy birthday Suzie, on a wonderful sunny busy day

Where are we today ? 
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           What a wonderful day to celebrate Suzie's birthday. Sun is shining and nice warm temperatures. What's not to love about that? She is reaching a landmark another new decade in  her life and we are so much in love and enjoying this lifestyle.
           I let her sleep in and then by 9 am we off to the Pinery Fleamarket for a few things. We like to check this market out when we are in the area. Needed some pepperretes and one vendor then had found a stove top coffee perk that a friend of ours was looking for. A 9 cup Coleman blue one, brand new for ten bucks, it  was a good deal and exactly what he wanted great for dry camping.
            Love the market and not too busy early this morning. We were in and out in 30 minutes.
lots of good stuff here at the Market
     They also had yard sales going on too, just to add to more things to see.
Our Pepperette guy, extra hot for me
        On the way back stopped at Juicy Fruit Orchards to see whats in season and got some good deals as usual.
love the white corn
     Picked up 2 spaghetti squash, 1 Muskmelon and 6 cobs of fresh picked white corn for only $5.50 now that's a deal.
first crop honey crisp apples are amazing, 
          Home by 11:30 a quick lunch ham and bean soup and fresh fruit then off to the Parkhill Fall Fair. 
yesterday's soup is so tasty
        Now this is Suzie's birthday and she suggested that we go to the Fall fair to see the demolition derby! Because I enjoy them. Wow what a woman! Back in the 90's we went to quite a few, mainly because I had painted 3 demo cars for friends and were advertising for my Restaurant "Jessie's Diner" Its been along time and was fun, brought back memories.
wind turbines every where around here
Transformers for the wind turbines
         Here we are at the fair. Headed right to the stands to get a good seat for the demo.
nice small town fair, not too busy
train rides for the kiddies
       In the stands with good seats on a nice warm day about 80 f not too hot.
water down the playing field so the cars don't go too fast
first heat small cars
broken Rad, steam
winner of the first heat, drove right off. amazing how they keep driving
woman driving this car but the firefighters put out the fire
         She got back in her car and fired it up came in second place.
this was the car on fire she drove away from the derby in second place
       Now after 3 pm we had enough fun, time to head back home, more back roads.
love this place Hungry Hollow
Now home to relax in the shade and get some reading done
      A nice Happy hour , just the 2 of us and some reading done, the time for me to whip up supper. Suzie's favorite, Fettucinni Alfredo with shrimp, fresh mushrooms, onions and garlic. To accompany a small salad, muskmelon , grapes and wine..
no fancy sauce today, this works
a couple minutes ready to add the sauce
Cheers , happy birthday Sweetie
of course lots leftovers
          Then to relax after supper ( I even did the dishes too !) and a couple of phone calls to wish her a happy birthday. She had many Facebook messages, a few texts and a few neighbors wish her happy birthday as well.
         I think she had a wonderful day, at least no complaints and she has been smiling all day long.
         Thanks for stopping by again and hope your day was awesome too.

When we head south
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  1. What a fun day, and a great dinner! Happy Birthday, Suzie! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Suzie! Looks like you had a busy, fun day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. The Rick and Kathy we did what she wanted all day.

  3. Happy Birthday Suzie! Sounds like a lovely and relaxing birthday. Hope you enjoyed your day.

  4. Look at all that autumn fodder. Pumpkins haven't hit our shops yet this season. Sounds a full birthday.

  5. Happy belated Birthday Suzie, looks like you had a great day.

    1. Thanks you Bill from Suzie, it was a wonderful day.

  6. Happy Happy Birthday (a day late sorry) two look so cute together! You can see and feel the love :)

    1. Thanks guys, we sure do enjoy our time together.

  7. Happy Birthday Suzie! The dinner looks delicious. Hope to say hello to you'll when we head to Quartzsite sometime in January2017.

  8. Looks like a good way to spend Suzie's BD - hope she had a great one. I chuckled at your "let her sleep in" comment as I thought about my own situation - Bev sleeps in but don't think it's because I let her :-)

    1. Thanks Larry it was a good one.
      I let her sleep in even though she wanted to get an early start. She is usually up around 6:30 and hour or 2 after me.

  9. Wishing Suzie... Happy Birthday! I'm happy she had a wonderful day. Blessings, Lynn

  10. What a cute photo of you and Suzie and cheers. Happy birthday! Looks like you had a perfect birthday day, Suzie.


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