Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The rest of Saturday Part 2.

Where are we today ?

This is Part 2 of Saturdays posting, got too late last night to finish it.
you can Read Part ! HERE.

       Back at the arena for a 10:15 am game. Everyone ready to get back into it.
check the main directory to confirm
 which arena we are in
double check play times, 10:15 and 5:15
love their jerseys
Plattsville Raging Bulls
Pizza, Pizza sponsored Festival
Chuck the Puck
Jungle Jack entertaining young and old,
with his ballon sculptures
What will this be?
why a motorcycle of course
       Then we went back to Kelsey's for lunch today, their choice, and their ended up being 10 of us 6 adults and 4 children (2 hockey players). Kelsey's was busy as were most of the restaurants in town with hockey families. We were able to get a booth in the bar area (same great waitress as last night too) and the kids enjoyed sitting at the bar. It was pretty quiet except for being packed with a bunch of fun loving hyped up kids in the dining room. We all had a ball and enjoyed some more great food and conversation.
young bar flies, playing video games of course
Suzie's Chicken Quesadilla
My excellent Sonoma Salad, what a feast
Peppercorn burger somebody had
         Drove around a bit then just hung out back at the arena parking lot relaxing in the car, in the warm sun, with our e-readers and I got a few walkabouts and fresh air. Though the air was pretty fresh, below freezing  brrrr... but sunny makes a big difference.
       Game over, we congratulated him for a well played game and hit the road back to New Hamburg arriving shortly after 8 pm. Lotsa traffic through Toronto but no slow downs. Put a few things away finish posting the blog relax a bit and hit the hay. We have another 3 games tomorrow here in New Hamburg. More hockey excitement !

       Thanks for taking the time to stop by and hope you had a wonderful day too.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this past Winter.


  1. Those kids sure know how to have fun.... wonder who they take that after?

    1. Both patents participated in a lot of sports activities so it helps to get them motivated.

  2. Man, you guys have been busy.

  3. Looks like the festival had plenty of activities for the kids. That motorcycle balloon is awesome.

  4. What a great time for all of you. Glad you good enjoy special events with those kids. They will never forget how much they enjoyed it with you.

  5. Sure looked like fun busy weekend with the family and even better getting away for a bit. Enjoyed seeing all your pic's. Have a great Sunday!

  6. Very busy winter sports - what do the kids play in Summer? - my grandson in Canberra is gearing up to play A FL football during winter here..he has just finished summer sport basketball & baseball..He has just gone for an interview at McDonald's for an after school job....don't know how he will fit it all in - cheers

    1. In the summer they have played, baseball, Lacrosse and soccer, summer camps, hockey camps, camping not sure yet what is on the agenda yet for them this year.


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