Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Remembering San Carlos Mexico..

Where are we today ?
         Today looking at more past places we have enjoyed and noticed our friends Larry and Marilyn were heading to San Carlos from Stone Island (Mazatlan Mexico). We were there with them in Dec. 2009 on our way to Mazatlan (our first trip to Mexico) We had a ball and really appreciated their help getting us into Mexico.
      Our second night was in San Carlos we were going to stay for a day at Totonaka Rv Park  but we enjoyed it so much there we ended up staying a week. lots to see and do there and a wonderful place to check out is the Soggy Peso Bar. We did this out of the way place and right away fell in love with Mexico.
this the place
perfect !
did we enjoy? Yep we did

Christmas Mexican beer
watched the kites sailing right from the bar on the beach
our campsite in San Carlos MX.
Charlie's Rock bar across the street
we did some bike riding around town, very nice
      Then to Guaymas our first Mexican Grocery store , Soriano, what a wonderful full service store this was. And a daunting experience.
then a fish market for some fresh fish
       That just touches some of our fun time we have had while exploring Mexico and all very memorable. So glad that we can look back at these and relive them. While "enjoying?" our time here in Ontario.
       Today a few more chores had her Mom and Dad's house listed with real estate this morning and looks like all will be moving forward. Already having a showing this Friday, is priced right and will generate some interest for sure.
        I got a few more things done here today, and a 2 mile walkabout on the indoor track. The weather is getting milder around freezing today, sunny and all the freezing rain from yesterday is gone, the roads are bare and black, great news. Snow beginning to melt yahoo!!!.
        For supper tonight gonna fire up our Weber Q and grill a whole chicken, add that to another salad and we had a fest. Lotsa leftovers too for Suzie's lunches.
chicken on our Q love it
sure hit the spot tonight
          Longer days, more sunshine and milder temperatures its beginning to look a lot like spring time! Only 15 more days!
         Glad you could take the time to stop by again and hope you had a great day too.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this past Winter.


  1. You are making me homesick for Mexico! We are enjoying Arizona but I have to admit we really, really miss Mexico! Right now I think your temperature and ours are getting closer and closer. Right now at 8:10pm our temperature is already below 0c, thank goodness for our Mr. Heater!

    1. We loved Mexico too and do miss it maybe again someday, but our number one priority is warm wether in the winter, Love our Mr. Heater too would not be without it.
      Our day time weather was nice but minus 19c overnight.
      You guys keep warm and enjoy your travels.

  2. Love the name of the bar. I hope you get some warmer weather very soon.

    1. The bar was a fun experience, Warmer weather coming real soon for us.

  3. I'll echo Ruth.... I sure wish we were in Mexico. It's 27 degrees here with an inch of fresh snow last night. ARG!

    1. It sure would be nice 5f here right now 11 am, getting warmer every day!

  4. Looks like a great place to stay for a few days. At least the beach is there and anyplace there's a beach, I know I'd love it.

    1. It is a nice small town, lotsa ocean all around too, wonderful.

  5. Some nice memories. Have to say we never checked that place out. We only overnight in San Carlos. Good look with the showing.

    1. Thanks.
      We did enjoy a week there on the way south and another week heading north.

  6. I can understand why looking through photos and reminiscing about warmer times can keep you sane during the long northern winters.


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