Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tues. Jan 24th. Another fun day!

Thanks for joining us in our journey of North America 
in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

 Where are we Today ?
Quartzsite Arizona

        Now that our genny is repaired, the sun is shining big and bright no clouds again, go figure. Our solar does just fine with clear skies. So this morning we fired it up anyway for an hour and gave it a good workout just to make sure all is good. 
sunny skies
        Then a few errands, I had the satellite cable end replaced for a buck (the one I forgot to unplug when I pulled away the other day), made an appointment next week to get the generator bracket welded, and picked up a few groceries. Back to home dirt a bite to eat and we headed to the rv show, check out the tent again not nearly as crowded today and picked up a few items that we can get here for a good price. We even ran into Jim and Mildred, for the second time this winter, last time was December in Casa Grande. They are rvers who live a couple miles from our home area in New Hamburg.
nice day
BBQ chicken 
cool rv

awesome turkey legs
         A few hours of the show then back home to putter, so nice we can walk to all this stuff from home. While Suzie relaxed with her book I  removed our Roadmaster tow bar, getting it ready to take to their booth at the show and have it checked out in the morning.

         We had been invited to Larry and Marilyn's spot of home dirt at 3pm, with the Escapee Clubs Boomerville group. Just a few miles out of town in the desert following a dirt trail and some signs. Locating their coach and the large group gathered in their meeting area we were in time to enjoy a hilarious "Geraldine contest". This is a  half dozen daring men (Baby Boomers) in drag, (for a beauty? pageant.) Finally a Queen was crowned. This was good for a few laughs. 
heading to Boomerville
stitting his (her) stuff!
good crowd
Crowned with the pink hair
Buster and Angel 
Suzie's dog fix
more snacks 
lotsa snacks
Suzie, Larry and Marylin
wine tasting
        Then back to their coach for a visit with them and the dogs, they do love Suzie, until 4pm when Happy hour officially begins with lots of snacks, and even a wine tasting today as well. So we met quiet a few people, chatted and sampled a few snacks. We had a blast and a very nice visit with friends and fellow bloggers from Ontario.

        As the sun sets the temperature drops drastically, we stayed as long as we could then headed out shortly after 6 towards home dirt, thanks for the happy hour and travel safe guys. Heading along frontage road to town, into the sunset, we both decided simultaneously the Grubstake Bar and Grill for a feed of fish and chips for me, scallops for Suzie, we haven't been there for a few years. This place is always busy with huge portions and great prices, we managed to share a table with another couple, chat with them and just enjoy the place. They have a tent addition out back thats full and even the pool table is set up for dinning. 

busy place
pool table
lotsa fish
        Tummies full, cravings satisfied, unable to finish our huge helpings we packed up the rest and headed back to home dirt to wrap up another fun desert day! Gotta love the desert.
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