Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, January 13, 2012

Thurs. Jan.12th Meeting fellow Bloggers

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 Where are we Today ?
Pilot Knob Rv Resort Winterhaven California

        Another good nights sleep and up early, coffees, computing, check emails and post the blog is the order of the day. Well we had a comment on yesterdays posting from fellow Bloggers Peter and Beatrix (American Traveller) that they had returned to Hot Springs from Joshua Tree National Park and would love to meet us. Well we are on the road this morning, so we packed up and headed out to search for them (no campsites here just park in the desert). Not too far away we did find them and had a nice but short visit with a couple very nice couple of rv'ers from Eastern Canada. They also love the Arizona beauty and climate. It is soo cool meeting up with fellow bloggers who love the lifestyle that we have.
Peter and Bea
        Sorry to say goodbye so soon but at least we met. Back to home dirt we said our farewells to the group we just spent a week with,  promising to get together in Quartzsite next wednesday at Silly Al's for pizza, a must place to visit when in town. Hooked up our car and away we go!

        Now the bridge is still closed to the interstate only a mile away( and will be for quite a few months yet) so we had to take old hwy 80 for 12 miles east to get access. Ok now we have been on bad roads but this one has to take the prize so far.  Even Mexico would be hard to top this one for being rough. At least it was paved but very broken up over 45 minutes to travel this stretch most of it about 10 to 15 mph (16-25kph) and shaking our coach like crazy.
broken pavement for 12 miles (19 km)
       Now on I-8 and a smooth surface we made ou way to Pilot Knob Resort in Winterhaven California. Almost 90 minutes to travel 31 miles (50 kilometers). We passed the Imperial sand dunes and canal where we have camped a few times in the past with great memories of dune buggies and sand toys with people we met along the way.
31 miles today
we have camped here
the canal
exit to access the dunes
more rv's playing here
        Now that was a long rough drive to go a short distance but we are here at Pilot Knob resort. All checked in and set up, a bite for lunch and reset our clocks to Arizona time for we are almost on the California/Arizona state line. Arizona does not recognize daylight saving time you can read about it here.
Pilot Knob Resort
        Now to putter around a bit the a walkabout to checkout the library in the clubhouse. Well we didn't quite make it that far. Ran into Rick and Suzy another couple of fulltime rv'ers that we met last year in Rockport Texas. So stopped say hello, chat and catch up for a while, its so much fun meeting up again with people we have met on the road.

        Its time to go back home (library maybe tomorrow), fire up our weber to grill a couple pork chops with a  rice pilaf  for tasty supper, then relax with with our books and a bit of tv.
        Thanks again for stopping by and joining our travels.
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  1. That was some road to travel on. I take that was on the California side. Arizona roads seem to be better. Neat meeting folks in so many places. Sounds like a good pizza place with the hand tossed crust.

  2. Allen and Lolita:

    The pizza is great and the atmosphere interesting with a few Happy Hours during the day.

  3. Nice for you to have met fellow bloggers.

    So many great choices of places for you to visit. I also admire your use of parks & BLM lands, a great balance.

  4. You often talk about having rice pilaf, do you have a recipe or is it a pre-packaged thing? Looks good!

  5. Lou:

    I just use minute rice, add a bunch of veggies, (celery, carrots, peas, brocoli, cauliflower, whatever) boil for a bit add rice cover and turn off, five minutes later done. Add soya sauce to taste if you like.

  6. Yummy, thanks for the "recipe" for rice pilaf!

  7. how nice that you met Peter and Bea ;) we hope to meet them someday down the road or back home :)..they live in the same province as we do...have a super weekend...

  8. Yikes, that is one miserable looking road. Our rig is a rattle trap on the best of days, so I can only imagine the shaking that took place.
    Enjoy your new spot ... TnT

  9. Elaine and Rick:

    Super nice couple too bad we could not spend more time with them! Hope you can meet them too.

  10. TnT:

    Yep it was brutal will not do it again for sure!

    We good here for 4 nights then Quartzsite with a few hundred thousand others. love it!


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