Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sat. Jan. 7 Oasis in the Desert

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer,
 since August 2006

 Where are we Today ?

       Another awesome day we are at Hots Springs BLM ( Bureau of Land Management) where we can dry camp (no hookups) for 14 days for a $40.00 permit. But we have pit  toilets, and amazing natural Hotspring (its actually a very well hidden oasis in the desert) and garbage disposal for that fee. Lots of people including Canadians spend the whole winter here (we have quite a few friends here that do that) and why not?  Look what we have!

the hot showers 105f and 5 ft deep hot pool
amazing lagoon
so  nice
a few rules
hidden behind the Palms
here is where we are
lotsa different rv's here
home dirt for us
        Some people use solar and some generators for power, if you do it right both or a combination of the two work well. We have one 130 watt solar panel, 2 six volt deep cycle batteries and do quite well if we conserve. But have the generator if need be. Another neighbor here is this old bus conversion Hogan's Hilton we have run across many times truly desert lovers.
Hogan's Hilton
        Before lunch I took a drive thru the BLM land and the back roads into Holtville to fill our 5 gallon water jug with RO (purified) water (only 75 cents here for 5 gallons), picked up a few groceries then back home.
thru the desert
hay bales beside the road
small town low elevation, 13 ft above sealevel!
        Back home Suzie was trying open our awning but was having a bit of a problem, but as usual another rv'er to the rescue Oscar there to help her out and all was done when I got home. So we pulled out our chairs and chatted for a while, Judy dropped by, Bill with his Greyhounds and Elmer as well.

        Early afternoon I went for a quick hot shower and soak in the very hot tub then we relaxed for a bit (in the shade, I said it was hot right?) with our books. Another Canadian Bob, stopped to chat for a bit while walking his dog then before we know its "Happy Hour" ! Always something going on.
Bill and his Rescued Greyhounds
        Now its 3:30pm and time for Happy hour, everybody gathers around the community table with a beverage, we took a snack, (crackers, cheese and kielbosa). But when we arrived we had a feast! A huge pot of hearty homemade chicken soup, a large pot of rice and veggies, swedish meatballs, cheeses, crackers, meats, jalapeno poppers, homemade cranberry sauce, and Christmas cake! Boy did we have a surprise feast.
whatta meal
         Well these snacks with happy hour left no room for supper, (maybe tomorrow) but boy did we have fun! Close to 6 pm it was dark and getting cooler so we all called it a night and headed home after a fun day in the desert, boy are we busy for not having anything to do all day!
poppers, christmas cake, chicken soup, rice and beer a good combination
Ailenes tiny dog found Suzie and kept her happy
Judy's maintenance free dog
another dog fix for Suzie
        Now to relax and compute for a bit, a bit of tv then call it a night.
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  1. Sounds like a great spot. Love the hot springs and what a feast is right.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Kevin and Ruth:

    Yes its very nice here for sure.

  3. What a fantastic place! Definitely on my wish list!

  4. Larry:

    You should drop by its on the way to Quartzsite!

    Michael and Dee:

    Yes one of our favourite places to visit!


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