Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fri. Jan 13, Dry Camping in a Resort

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 
 since August 2006

 Where are we Today ?

        Now yesterday we arrived at Pilot Knob resort, a nice full service resort and our membership price for this is $10.00 a night full hookups. We choose just 4 nights here, before heading back to the desert at Quartzsite and dry camping for a few more weeks. So this morning we use the electric coffee maker, and little electric heater to take the chill off. And while we have full hookups we will do laundry and use our slow cooker to cook a nice roast beef that we had in the freezer.

        It did not work the way I had planned. We had our coffees and computing the I put the roast in the slow cooker and all set to go for the day right? We have the electricity lets use it. Well all of a sudden our electric heater fan stopped for what I thought was no reason. I checked our voltage meter to find it about 90 volts, not good. So we  shut off our breaker to protect the system. Apparently a transformer had blown and half the park lost most if its power. So Suzie went to check with our friends Rick and Suzy, they had full power so she took the slow cooker over to their house for now.

         While we are here its a good time to catch up on laundry, but I find out Suzie wants to do sheets, blankets, sweaters etc... Most resorts have small laundry rooms and you are asked to use no more than two machines at a time. Now with the power out the well pump does not work so the laundry room is closed. Load the laundry in the car to Yuma Arizona (10 minutes away) to the 8th st Laundromat where I got all six loads done in 70 minutes while reading my book, good deal. Stop at Albertsons for a few groceries on sale and stock up our freezer.

        Now back home can walkabout chat with neighbors, check out the park some more and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.
security Bear
         Well work done we can relax for a bit with our books but a slight north breeze makes it hard to decide where to sit. Sun is too hot, shade a little chilly, so we did more moving than reading sun, shade, sun, shade, again tough decisions to make for a stressful afternoon  :<).
our site
Nice rock garden
another nice yard
        Well before we know its time for Happy hour. Rick and Suzie dropped by with a few snacks and we just chatted solving world problems for a while until it cooled down enough to head back inside for supper. I just went back to their house with them a picked it up. Meat and carrots smelling up their house with a great aroma, they had other plans for supper.  So back home I made up some creamy whipped potatoes, thickened the gravey a bit and we enjoyed a nice tasty supper.
        Oh and by the way our electricity and water came back on about 4pm. Normally would not care about this as we have the solar and water in out tanks, but we did pay the big bucks (LOL) to use these facilities and like to take advantage of them.
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  1. So much stress:)

    For once we have you beat, our price at Pilot Knob is $2.00 with our WHR membership.

  2. Contessa:

    If we could have booked under ROD it would be free. But all the ROD spots were taken we used CTC. Sorry to inform you but this is no longer a WHR resort so you would not get the $2.00 a night rate.

  3. LOL the acronyms have me lost. Rod, CTC, WHR, OMG. :)
    Wow, if I could find all places like this for prices like that, I would forego boondocking and sit somewhere with full hookups. Pilot Knob looks pretty comfy.
    Have I mentioned I love your blog?

  4. Pretty hard to beat $10.00 a night with FHU. We have a ROD membership our home park is Mountain Lakes in Lytle Creek, Ca. Sounds like you made it a good day even with the power outage. Liked the look of last nights dinner I can almost taste it. Have a nice evening.

  5. Jool:

    All those acronyms are shorts forms for membership organizations that we have joined, a network of resorts that we belong to and pays off for us in the long run.
    Thanks for enjoying our bog we have fun doing it!

  6. Allen and Lolita:

    We have ROD too, but no sites available, so in under Coast to Coast. Was good we can always turn a bad thing into a good thing, because we like to enjoy the lifestyle.

  7. wow great rates..sorry you had a stressful afternoon trying to read :)

  8. Glad you have your electricity back! and that pot roast looks so good, I can smell it!!

  9. Michael and Dee:

    Was yummy but they got to smell it cooking all day, not us.


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