Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jan. 10th Wonderful puttering Day!

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer,
 since August 2006

 Where are we Today ?

        Lovin the weather, thats why we are here. It's Tuesday morning and volunteers start at 7 am to drain the hot pools, clean and sanitize the areas with pressure washers so its all good for another week. The supplies and materials for this area is paid for by the recycled aluminum that is collected here.
hot pool is now filling
        Below is another rv'er towing his little home made motor cycle trailer with two 5 gallon pails for hot water to take back home.
nice trailer
        Now today a lot of people  took advantage of this great deal on the sign below. A free bus trip to the casino, free slot play, but we have done one before (not here) and what can we do in a Casino for 6 hours with out spending money? Also its up in the mountains could be snow!! We choose to stay home and enjoy the sunshine and warnth.
         Had a neigbor Don (solar guy) come over to advise me on solar power and battery maintenance. So we cleaned up the batteries and connections, tested them and topped them up with distilled water. Now Don is the one with 19 solar panels and 10 batteries and has used his system for years. They have the big screen tv and all the electric appliances and never run out of power. Our one 130 watt solar panel and two batteries does not even come close to theirs. But pretty much does the job for us, maybe run our generator occasionally. His advice is to add another panel and two more batteries, I don't think we can justify the expense for the amount of dry camping that we do, we will see.

        Well just putter around some more and read for a while. Soon we begin getting together for happy hour, two had just came back from Yuma (laundry day) two came back from the Casino bus trip and two more, George and Gay just arrived with their rig from Winnipeg Ontario (sorry Manitoba, thanks Larry).

        More hugs and welcoming but the sun is already setting, so we bundle up for a while,(sure gets cold when the sun goes down) share more stories and generally have a great time. No meal for Happy hour today just a few light snacks.
nice sunset
the group is getting bigger
        Now too cold for us whimps we went home to make our own supper for a change, just fired up the Weber to grill some nice garlic sausage, potatoes and broccoli in foil for a nice relaxing dinner just the two of us.
tasty supper

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  1. Is there really a Winnipeg in Ontario or was that a brain fart?

  2. Larry:

    You are sure on the ball (for and older guy), so early this morning, thanks for the correction!

  3. I was about to ask how the pools got cleaned! I have to say I am impressed with this place. Much more organized than Quartzite.

  4. Contessa:

    Its a small place here compared to Quartzsite, where there is so much going on we could not possibly do and see everything, even after spending a month there last year.

  5. Interesting about the solar. We want to get a fairly robust system so that we can disconnect even when in our home campground. We pay an exorbitant rate there because of so called "Smart" meters. They just charge the top rate. Disgusting.

  6. Michael an Dee:

    That's why we use our membership parks back home and move every two-three weeks, no electric bills.

  7. Hey Folks, where are you parked? We just pulled back in again at the Hot Springs. Gotta meet you guys!
    We are about midtways up the camp on the left side. Look for the Ultrasport Motorhome or the green Jeep!

  8. I am really seeing the benefit in membership parks. They are just so far away from Toronto and the kids.

  9. It took me a while to figure out how to comment. However, there it is in plain sight at the beginning.

    We've often thought about solar. However, like you, we normally don't boondock often enough to justify the cost except during the month of January.

    We love the hot springs at Holtville but we've only visited and not stayed. Now that we've met Bea and Peter we just might.

  10. Peter + Beatrix:

    After your turn right by the checkin follow the fence to the End we are just past Hogans Hilton (Old Silver Bus Conversion), we are leaving this morning, will try find you.


    Thanks for stopping by always great to here from new visitors.


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