Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, January 20, 2012

Thurs. Jan. 19th Hunting for books

Thanks for joining us in our journey of North America 
in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006 

 Where are we Today ?

        Arizona blue skies again just look at the pictures gotta love it! This morning coffees and computing, I have been going to the Yacht Club in the mornings to post this blog. Our internet here and everyone else's is just too slow, 4:30 am its pretty good but by 6 am its pretty well a waste of time. But that's ok I get out before the traffic happens and its only about a mile or so away. Besides this morning I wanted to stop at the bank machine and check with Bob the Generator guy to see if he has the part for our generator. Not in stock but can get one from Phoenix, should be here tomorrow.
Bob's shop
        Heading back to camp I followed Santa Claus to the campground. He spends the winters here after his Christmas duties have been fulfilled.
Santa's RV
        After our showers and bite to eat we set out on a mission to hunt for more books. We had found a few the other day when we checked out Tyson Wells vendors. Today is the tents at Rice Ranch. First book tent did an exchange 2 for one. We brought in twenty novels got ten more, then bought another four for five dollars. Strolling in the sunshine and fresh air we checked out the stuff, lots of stuff, lots of vendors with stuff to look at too. Found more tents full of books again 4 for five dollars, then another three for $1.00 each and all good newer paper backs. Checked out the Gambler for RV stuff, replaced my broken step-stool, they pretty well have everything you need and good prices too. If its for an rv you will find it in Quartzsite somewhere!
checking things out

Suzie checking her list
Lotsa vendors
        A successful book hunt indeed, having bagged 21 more, our reading appetites will be satisfied for  while, we took a drive south of town to another desert dry camping area. This is a free area so they do not have access to water, sewage and garbage disposal. Here our friends Jim and Sharon (and two other couples we met New Year's Day) from Alberta are at a Beaver Motor  Coach Rally. And a perfect place for these functions in the middle of nowhere. We stopped for a surprise visit and they gave us a tour of their camp and facilities. There is a common eating area where they have breakfast and dinner prepared for them, two huge fire pits for nightime socializing and the large area for daytime games.
Sharon and Jim
dining and fire pits
Lotsa rigs
cool flags
        Another nice visit but time to go back to home dirt, put our feet up and read in the shade for a bit before whipping up supper. Its a lovely 84f (30c) and of course its dry desert heat. Tonight I made a tasty chicken pot pie with our left over chicken, tossed salad and a few fresh baked crescent rolls.
awesome weather
chicken pot pie
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  1. The Yacht Club In Q, what is this?

  2. Okay you two! You are after my own heart. Not only do I drool over your wonderful homecooked meals (on the infamous Weber) but those book tents would be a WONDERFUL place to spend a day shopping! Thanks for letting me read 'my dream' on your blog!

  3. Hmmm, that Chicken Pot Pie looks wonderful!

  4. Had`to laugh when I saw your pic of Santa's truck. He's down here at the Hot Springs right now, and I put him on my blog. He's quite a guy.
    Seems you're having a blast at Q-site.

  5. Jool:

    Thanks for stopping by again, so many good deals here its a blast!

    Michael and Dee:

    So easy to make too!

    Peter and Beatrix:

    We always have fun everywhere especially Quartzsite. Probably was getting too crowded here for Santa.

  6. Looks like my comment never got here:(

    I wanted to know what the Yacht club was.

  7. Contessa:

    Yacht Club Is a BAR ( Land Yachts!)

    Must have missed it as I tried to rush thru, Have to drive there to check emails, after 6 am.


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