Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, January 06, 2012

Thurs. Jan. 5th, Still here and just love it!

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 
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 Where are we Today ?

        Ok we woke up early again, (as usual) with a beautiful sunrise on the desert. Its just too nice here, we were gonna leave yesterday, then maybe to day, but no, think we will stay yet another day.  Awesome sunshine, no wind, 85f, sun and shade what more can we ask for?
nice sunrise
         Well we puttered around, coffees, some computing and  a walkabout the I took a drive drive into town to pick up a fresh chicken for supper. Past some orange groves, nice palm tree estates and into the village.
orange trees
nice looking estates
        Then back home to putter around some more. I decided to wax the passenger side of our coach again, its in the shade, (gotta keep on top of it) adjust our awning a bit and just enjoyed the fresh air and exercise.
Suzie reading
looking good
         Now while doing this a fellow Canadian rv'er fom Alberta came over to ask for advice on waxing his  5th wheel. Its only a year old, but does need some work (ours is 12 years old). Well we chatted for a while and I gave him a few tips and think he will do just fine. Gotta keep on top of it and its not a big job.

        Then we had a chance to relax and read in the shade and sun again for a while then fire up our Weber Q 100 to grill the awesome chicken I picked up at the market for four bucks! wow! Enough for two or three meals.
beautiful blue skies
        Now after about and hour or so the chicken is done to perfection (love my Weber!) Oh we baked a couple of potatoes, a squash with butter and brown sugar and had a tasty supper again.
a nice big chicken
         And of course some of our Swiss Chalet dipping sauce to go along with the chicken as well.
yep we love our chicken!
        Now its dark outside and getting cooler down to 70f (brr). Put away the BBQ and chairs and relax, computing, reading and a bit of tv , then call it another "Awesome Day"

        Thanks again for dropping by.
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  1. nice looking weather...I have got to stop reading your blogs in the make me want supper with all those great food pictures...

  2. Elaine and Rick:

    The weather is awesome juts love it here. I make it easy for you to decide what to have for supper now.

  3. Another great day. Chicken looks delicious!

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Kevin and Ruth:

    As you know the Weber does a great job of it!

  5. I would never want to leave that area!

  6. Contessa:

    Yep its nice but we have to keep our wheels turning!

  7. Your rigs paint looks beautiful. All that hard work has payed off for it still to be in that condition. Picked up a bunch of Swiss Chalet dipping sauce while in BC last week, really love that stuff. I have a Weber Q but have not used it for a whole chicken what is your technique if you care to share? Keep enjoying that weather.

  8. Allen and Lollita:

    Glad you got the sauce will send you and email for the tips on chicken.

  9. George, you are so helpful. You are helping folks wax their rigs, and always giving cooking tips.
    Great Karma ... LOL

  10. TnT:

    Hey that's what rving is all about! Share your experiences and help others, sure makes life so r

  11. So glad you are having a good time in Borrego. Love looking at your pictures of your meals every day. I would have postd ours from Ruby's Diner today, but it was so fattening, I did not have the courage (sshh, it was great big hamburgers and chips).

  12. Michael and Dee:

    Yep sure enjoying it here, The pictures don't have calories, it's the food that we eat and I can't deny it I like my food.


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