Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fri. Jan. 27, Where did the day go?

Thanks for joining us in our journey of North America 
in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006 

 Where are we Today ?

soon the sun
        Morning coffees, computing and the sun comes up with some interesting looking sky today. As day breaks I head out to post our Blog and check out the town before there is any traffic, so nice and quiet then.
        Back home I grabbed the grocery list and took off away from this area to check out a few more vendors. Found one at the west end of town near Love's selling RV parts "Cheap". I wandered about the tables set outside here looking for "stuff". Really nice light fixtures only six bucks, not for us thou, too bad. New kitchen taps for the rv only three bucks, don't need any thou. I did find two new dash vent's for our coach to replace the slightly broken ones and a new door holder (I have a spare now) all for the grand total of two bucks, love it.
nice light
deals today
new working vents
        Time to make a bite for lunch and putter around a bit to install the vents. Then a walkabout the dirt, over to the tent for a quick look around and chat with a few people along the way. I had gone to the tent for a couple things but forgot what they were so came back checked my list and back again to pick up a couple of bargains, this time I rode my bike. Should have had one of these cool Mountain Trikes.
Mountain trike
        Well just puttering around and chatting with a few neighbors and before I knew it Mike and Craig from Reliable Auto Glass of Redlands California were back. To reinstall our like new windows now Fog free. Hey this is way too cool, I can see the side mirrors clearly when driving our coach, a good thing yes? This is a pretty common problem with dual pane windows and considering our coach is thirteen years old we are not surprised.

nice clear windows
        These guys are now done, maybe another window or two next year, this is their third year in Quartzsite and are here only for the month of January along with thousands of rver's. Now time for supper, but its a cool 65f out so I be cooking inside tonight. Tonight's selection is a baked salmon fillet, my version of spanish rice, Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits and broccoli with a cheese sauce that ended up too runny, but hey, it all tasted good.
very tasty
        So now all our windows are back in and clear, its much quieter and warmer at night, we have a neighbor that runs their genny many hours in the evenings (no solar panels). Dual pane windows really block out the noise.
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  1. Jackie:

    Thanks for stopping by. Its great bike but kinda bulky to store in an rv, too bad!

  2. Cute bike...might need something like that in a few years !

  3. Nice new windows. You will really appreciate those when you get back to ON in May. That is a nice bike. We just bought new folding bikes from Camping World. Haven't had a chance to ride them yet.

  4. was just looking at the map you have up...we're closer to Mexico than we are home..we should just hang a left instead of a right when the time comes :) love the trike..


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