Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tues. Sept. 27th, A nice fall day

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, since August 2006

        Now this morning is bright, sunny and warm, a great way to start a nice fall day. Enjoying the morning outside, walkabouts chat with a few people, a quick trip to the store in town for a few items, love the weather.

        Mike and Trish dropped by and gave us a Sirius satellite radio they no longer use, to try in our coach. He gave me a demo, it hooks up wirelessly to our existing sound system. I am looking forward to trying it out when we are on the road, maybe we might even listen to the radio once again. Thanks guys for the radio.

        After a quick bite to eat for lunch I started by taking our Fantastic Fan apart for its annual cleaning, (go to this link on how clean a Fantastic fanso much easier now that I figured how to get the fan blades off. Now that I got started and the weather was nice, up on our roof to remove the three vent covers and give them a good cleaning as well. Perfect day for it warm and sunny but not too hot.

all ready to clean
        After a couple of hours puttering with this and cleaning the roof around the vents and solar panel, I even found time to relax with a book, a cool beverage and Suzie in the shade for a while. Eventually its time to fire up the grill for a baked sweet potato, mushrooms and onions, a tender prime rib steak, peas and garlic bread for a tasty supper.
supper hit the spot
        Then after supper we can compute , read and watch a bit of tv to wrap up a perfect fall day.
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  1. You are very welcome. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. THANKS A LOT guys for letting Annie know those things can be cleaned. I told her when air stops going through you just replace the fan.

  3. Good Luck Duck:
    It is a good vent and a lot cheaper to clean than replace.

  4. What a timely blog !! About 2 weeks ago, I was turning our Fantastic Vent closed, and the plastic knob stripped ( I found out later, it wasn't even a Fantastic Vent knob )

    Well, when I phoned the company to inquire about purchasing a new knob, they sent me out a knob, PLUS the metal opening and closing device.....FOR FREE. I only paid the shipping. Less than 12 bucks, and I had it within 3 days !!

    Now, you must remember our rig is over 10 years old, and we are not the original owners. We were so impressed by their friendliness and their level of service.

    ? for George. I cleaned my fan the best I could, but I couldn't see an easy way to remove the fan, is their a secret ??

  5. Trent and Teresa:
    Yes there as way to take it apart and remove the fan blades. I will send you an email with the pdf file.

  6. Trust me, George is the Fantastic Fan expert. He is the man!!!!!!!!!!

  7. George we love our Sirius. This Saturday night check out Cousin Brucie at 8 pm on 6. We'll be singing along just like you and Suzie

  8. Contessa:
    Careful you gonna give me a swelled head.

  9. Larry:
    Thanks for the tip will mark it down and tune in.


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