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Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, September 02, 2011

Thurs. Sept. 1st. Summer's Over???

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        Today is Sept. 1st and it always reminds me that summer vacation is over. As a child my sister and I spent the whole summer at our family cottage a couple hundred yards from Georgian Bay close to Wasaga Beach/Collingwood Ontario with our grandparents. This posting on June 3rd tells more about the cottage. Sept.1st marked the last long weekend of the summer, we went back to the city, (Scarborough, a Suburb on Toronto Ontario). We got to go to the CNE (Canadian National Exihibition) and spend the money we earned with summer chores on midway rides, games and food. Then it was back to living in the city and back to school. I always looked forward to the CNE but not living in the city and going back to school.

        Now this same long weekend and a little bit older now we have mixed emotions. The last summer rush to the campground, celebrations and fun, the weather will be getting colder and the days shorter. But now we don't go to the CNE anymore, no more school, no more city living,we are on a permanent vacation. The temperature with humidity was 36c (94f) I love that, and once everybody else goes back to work and school next week the campground will be nice and peaceful, very relaxing and then we will begin planning our winter migration, exploring new sunny warm southern destinations, before winter sets in here.

        Today was busy puttering around and chatting with neighbours, so many new ones and ones we have not seen for a while. We tried reading for a while in the cool shade of our awning, but did not work, today ended up being a very social day. And we enjoyed it until 5:30 pm when we went to the clubhouse for a potluck dinner for all who had played darts this summer. We only played a few times but were invited so our slow cooker of wieners and beans added to the great selection supplied by over 40 dart players.

tasty foods
        This potluck meal also marks the end of the summer dart league as well with so many great dishes to sample and a huge selection of deserts, nobody went away hungry. After supper some wanted to play darts but we choose to return home clean up our dishes and relax on another great summer evening. We did manage to read for about 5 minutes until another couple dropped by and we chatted until after dark, by then time to head inside and call it another great summer day, we treasure each and everyone of them.
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  1. Do you remember, Grandad used to pick us up from school on the last day, and drive us right to the cottage. Mom and Dad came up on weekends. Nan played cards with us, and Grandad took us for walks. He took a walking stick, which was used to bop the snakes on the head, then toss them into the bush! And Grandad taught us to clean fish, using the raft at the back of the property as a table. Fling the fish guts into the bush! I remember him cutting his hand on the very jagged saw with the red handle, almost severing a finger, then strolling into the cottage and saying, "Ma, I need a bandaid". What an understatement! And very fond memories of the McKellars, especially Don, who our brother was named after. Great times, great memories!

  2. Lou:
    Yep sure do remember all those great times!


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