Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, September 30, 2011

Thurs. Sept 29th, More Rock Glen Resort

        Today is not too cool, but not much sunshine either. Puttering around, chatting with various different people thru out the resort discussing each others travel plans for the winter and sharing information about different resorts. The nice thing about rv'ers is we are usually a friendly bunch and willing to learn and share with each other. We all have something in common, we love the lifestyle.

       We had the constant noise of machinery droning in the background all day still preparing the entrance to the resort for paving. And I think if the weather holds they may pave it tomorrow.
looking good
        By mid afternoon a few trailers arrived for the weekend, and some of the seasonal weekend people as well, it will soon be the end of the season for a lot of them. While reading in the sun Trish and Maggie stopped by to chat for a bit and I think Maggie must have spotted a critter moving under the cabin beside us. She kinda went nuts searching and sniffing.
What's that??

under here?
I smell something here!
        Now between reading and talking the afternoon just slipped away until it was time to start supper. So from our freezer I pulled a huge lake Erie pickerel fillet to bake on our grill for a tasty supper with a rice pilaf, steamed brussel sprouts and fresh garlic bread.
        Another enjoyable day in our awesome lifestyle.
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  1. Ha, ha.... We loved those pics of Big Bad Maggie !!

    Sure hope it was a SMALL critter...too cute !!

    Have a great day....TnT

  2. TnT:
    Yeah it was a small mouse but too fast for her!


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