Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fri. Sept 30th Cold, wet and windy..

        This is the last day of September and it's cold, wet and windy. About 8c (46f) heavy rains and strong winds all day. So we are not outside too much today, computing and reading and fine tuning some of the resorts we plan to hit for the first part of our winter migration.

        While surfing the net I was just reading food recipes and got the urge to cook something so  I made up a nice mushroom/ham and cheese omelet with fried potatoes for brunch, something we have not had for a while.
tasty brunch
         Later on its still miserable outside but had our Sirius radio tuned in to Prime Country and 60's and 70's pop tunes, checked out Book radio and the Classic Radio Shows channel, all of these we are enjoying and so many more as well.

        Now its time to get out for a bit, so over to the clubhouse and soak in the wonderful hot tub and swim a few laps of the pool, I enjoy it when its nice and peaceful.
hot tub
nice warm pool
        Now back home all warm and relaxed from the hot tub, listening to music, reading and looking at more recipes. So we decide for supper to do a pork chop macaroni bake, a simple one pan recipe done in the oven with brussel sprouts and fresh sliced tomatoes on the side.
yummy supper
        Now we had a very enjoyable, relaxing day, no rushing and no where to go, but looking forward to getting on the road. Our counter below said 19 more days when I looked at it this morning. I love cooking and we both love eating but can't be doing this everyday!
hit counters
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  1. I've been enjoying our pool without anyone in it. Does Suzie do any cooking or just the cleanup.

  2. George, have you always enjoyed cooking, or is that something you picked up since fulltiming ??

    We would LOVE to have an indoor pool and hot tub.

    We can honestly say that we would consider giving up our condo to fulltime, if we had anything even close to what you have !!

    You sure are lucky !!

  3. Contessa:
    The quiet pool is nice. Suzie is a good cook to but she lets me do it and she agrees to clean up, works for me.

  4. T n T:
    I have always enjoyed cooking and had a small restaurant for 10 years, so cooking for two is a cinch!

    This is our home membership park for Resorts of Distinction (ROD) in Ontario so we can be here for two to three weeks then out for a week. Plus we have over 80 resorts that we visit in the USA where we camp free, a few of them with indoor pools as well.

    This works great for us, love have great places to visit and save money at the same time.


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