Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sat. Sept 3rd, A busy Saturday

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, since August 2006

        Still hot and humid and the resort is just buzzing with activities. Everyone is having a great time, children's activities, the pools and splash pad are very busy.
campground busy

         Coffees, computing, walkabouts and puttering take care of our morning then we hop in the car and leave the campground heading east to the next road. then north thru Hungry Hollow an area that is very rich with fossil finds.
Hungry Hollow
        Then a few kilometers along this road we come to a stop sign and here is Sylvan, two houses and a book store. The book store is the place we want. The signs says "Sylan's Foremost Book Store" it is also the only store here as well.
the bookstore
Suzie and store owner
        As we park in the deserted parking lot, the owner comes out of his house to greet us and ask if we are looking for any particular books. As it turns out we were looking for a particular author and more books in a series.
lotsa books
to the back room

        He right away made his way thru the book jungle to the back room and brought back a box of books from the author we are looking for.  He had two we wanted and so for only $4.50 we had two more novels to read.

        Now back home we can relax in the cool shade of this very hot day and enjoy our books for a while. Then friends dropped by to chat for a bit and have a happy hour until the skies opened up suddenly with heavy rains and a bit of hail.
rain and small hail
        We moved inside for a bit until it let up enough for them to return to their rv. The rain had stopped now, we wanted to have supper but realized the electricity was off for the whole resort. We wanted to reheat two burgers and make some fries in our Fry Daddy so fired up our generator and carried on, we even plugged our neighbors in as well so that they could use their electric toaster oven  and electric coffee, maker to make frozen pizzas for their large group, I even showed them how to light their propane oven as well, they have never used it! Amazing the number of people with trailers and in parks do not now what to do without electricity, they are completely lost and don't use the conveniences that are built into their rv's. We can get by without the generator but it came with our coach so may as well use it if we we want, it should be exercised frequently anyway.

        Now after supper there was a few campfires going and people walking about, we were going to join a fire but once again the skies opened up with more heavy rains, so we just called it a night, back inside to read a bit and watch tv courtesy of our battery powered inverter and solar system.
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  1. Amazing that the owner of the bookshop knew exactly where the books were.

    Love our generator and inverter. Love being in our RV.

  2. Contessa:
    Gotta love a bookstore where the owner can put his hand on just about any author you are looking for.

    And yes a fully equipped rv sure makes life great!

  3. I love and live to read..always..I would have been drooling in that bookstore..and it is pretty amazing how the owner could find what you wanted right away...

  4. Rick and Elaine:
    Yes we found it amazing as well.


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