Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Ajo Food Fair, friends departing and a great warm desert day

Where are we today ? 
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      It cooled down overnight again, 38F at 5 am,  Did not take long to turn some heat on and get toasty warm inside. With the lovely sunrise this morning came some warmth and was quite comfortable for my first walkabout, for about a mile. 
     Interestingly I saw some hoof prints in a few places from the burros,  but still have not spotted any yet. 
another nice desert sunrise
the burros have been here
nice landscaping on some sites here
       Shortly after 9 am our good friends Ron, Loree and Freddy had secured their coach and headed on out eastbound on their way home for some scenic drives. We had our hugs and see ya laters, safe travels guys and see you when we get back home,  in a month or so.
see ya later guys, safe travels
          Now at 9:30 I wanted to pick up a few things in Ajo so headed on in. wow was I ever surprised that the Ajo Plaza was packed with vendors selling lots stuff, food baked goods, crafts even had some Mexican children dancing on the stage there with their colourful costumes.  The whole town was bustling after all the weekend and tourists passing through. and a perfect morning for it. 
the Ajo plaza was very busy today
Food festival
and lots a vendors here
The young girls doing an amazing dancing demonstration 
love the colourful costumes
wagon rides for the kids
very nice wood carvings here as well
a busy place today
some tasty food here
this food smells wonderful
roasting Jalapeno peppers here they are too good
I bought some cowboy cookies here.
 2 bucks a bag and so tasty
roasting the peppers here
swap meet round the corner was fun as well
need an old door for an old car?
looks cool but no price and too big for us
        Sunny all morning and at noon 68F quite warm, with next to no wind at all. Another perfect day
our afternoon here was perfect
not much wind or too much sun
enjoying our page turners
the way we like it
     Now for supper tonight gonna do a Spaghetti Squash pizza crust Pizza. You can check it out HERE or my recipe or my recipe blog top right side bar Thanks to Shirley for sharing this with me.
this was so very tasty and not too filling
loved it
      Supper done doing dishes our neighbour played taps, time for a sunset photo and di nit disappoint.
another nice sunset
thanks neighbour for Taps
    Just another perfect desert day her with decent weather, fun at the market and a tasty meal with my honey, Does not get much better than this.
     Glad that ya'll dropped on by today.
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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Nice pictures of the fair. Those wood carvings would have interested me just for decoration in my kitchen. Looks like it is now the perfect weather and time to be in Ajo.

    1. It was a fun fair , I have made many of those wood carvings and still have a few on the go. We are loving this weather.

  2. The fair looked great loved the wooden kitchen ware. I hear the wild flowers are everywhere out there

    1. The wooden ware and carvings are very nice and fun to make. More wildflowers arriving every day

  3. What a nice surprise to find the Ajo festival. Something happened to your font, so teeny but it came back at the end of your post. :) You're not even near alien country yet.

    1. It was a nice surprise and interesting event for sure. Yeah my font went funky , was having issues with my intern et for a while on my phone, tried to fix it and copy and past to a new template, same thing, The aliens are after me I think.

  4. What a great market! I love spending time looking at all the goodies!!

  5. Looks like everybody turned out for the festival. So much fun for the small town, glad you stumbled over it and shared the experience.

    1. It was so nice to see this on a usually quiet day here in AJO.

  6. What a wonderful festival. Such vivid colours in some of your photos. The produce looked amazing. Glad you're enjoying your time there.

    1. (t was very nice , glad I decided to go to town for a few supplies or would have missed it,,
      Thanks Deb we are enjoying these wonderful clear blue sunny skies.

  7. Those fresh veggies at the fair looked amazing. Wish we could get some that good here where we live.

  8. I've been meaning to tell you, if you ever run out of your favorites to read try Michael McGarrity's books. Tularosa: A Kevin Kerney Novel Series Book 1. They are set in the SW and I think you might like them. McGarrity is an ex-cop so he does a good job writing this series.

    1. Hey Joyce thanks for the tip we will check him out and am sure we enjoying his books as well.

  9. The flea market would be just up my alley! Between good food and all those other goodies I know I'd enjoy it especially in beautiful weather! I'm so glad you enjoyed the pizza! I made on yesterday too to take over to our neighbor Karen's and she loved it too! I do enjoy your recipes as seen from the other night. Those tuna melts are so delicious!

    1. The pizza was excellent we both enjoyed it, will do it again, Glad your enjoy some of my recipes they are usually quick easy and tasty. Gotta do the tuna melt again soon.


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