Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, March 25, 2019

Some exploring Belle Starr investigating and another very decent day.

Where are we today ? 
 clic a pic to enlarge it
and a nice sunrise down by the lake here
    No more rain and a nice mild night. this is good! Got a nice walkabout here first thing is the sun was rising across the lake. Gonna be a nice day.  
nice campsites here they are here full-time 25 year leases
love the trees here in the spring time
          On yesterdays posting got an Anonymous comment that we are in Bell Starr country, so I checked it out and found some very interesting information and the location of Belle Starrs cabin and burial site. Only 20 miles away, so we took off for a nice country drive to see if we could find it.
      For some very interesting information about Belle Starr click HERE an interesting read. She was named the Bandit Queen and led a very colourful short life. Back in the 1800's
not too far from here a nice country drive
       This be the place but looks like private property so we did no explore it, too bad.
the pictureI got of the cabin
    The three pictures below I took off the internet shows you what we were looking for.
the cabin being re  constructed 
the burial site
and  her Tombstone
          From here we headed back home checked out the Actufaula dam  and recreation areas . Such an amazing area around all these lakes and rivers, boating and fishing everywhere. this area would be amazing in the summer ! Pretty nice right now too!
they have nice campsites here $15 bucks a night electric an water
some nice flowers here as well
the dam here produces electricity for the area
        Heading back home another nice area to camp and fish. 
      Then back to Terra Starr and we realized this area is dedicated to Belle Starr, we are just off Belle Starr road and really so much history here is amazing!
     Back home for a light tasty lunch and a wonderful afternoon enjoying this warm weather into the low 70's F and overcast with a slight north wind, but we enjoyed a great afternoon outside reading out of the wind and a very nice view of the lakes well. We are enjoying this campground very much.
       Puttered around for a while between reading etc.. checked our tires and oil before we head out in the morning just because I can,
our view of the lake from our site
         Soon time to whip up supper, Tonight a couple Pollock fillets on the grill.cook from frozen 5 minutes a side and they always turn out perfect .
waiting for the fish to grill our view
just about done and a lemon on the grill to make it very juicy 
added to our salad was wonderful 
        Supper done, garbage done and our Weber Q stored for travel in the morning, we good to go when the spirit moves us. No rush tomorrow.
now at 6:45 pm I caught a bit of a sunset
to wrap up another wonderful day
     That was our fun last day here a bit of exploring and some very nice warm weather including a tasty supper. 
     Wanna thank you for dropping by and hope you had a great day as well.
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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Love those wild women of the old west!!! Great place you are camped at.

    1. Yes there sure was some wild women back in the day, Interesting history.

  2. I was not familiar with Belle Starr, thanks for the education! Safe travels in the morning.

    1. Thanks Jeff.
      So many interesting things we can find in the areas we travel.

  3. I read about her in a book about wild women of the West. To bad the cabin isn't open to the public. Your sunrise picture was beautiful. Safe Travels tomorrow

    1. She sure was an interesting character back in the day.
      Thanks JO looking forward to more travels.

  4. Some interesting history about the area. Thanks for sharing. Great sunrise picture through the trees.
    Safe travels tomorrow.

    1. Yes interesting history around here and most places we travel. Thanks for joining us and we ready to move on down the road again.

  5. Beautiful pictures George! Too bad about Belle Star's property..but you had a nice drive anyway. Love COE campgrounds! Usually very nice! Great sunset pic and travel safely today!

    1. It was a wonderful country drive enjoying some new scenery.

  6. I'd heard of Belle Starr but didn't know who she was until this post prompted me to go check her out.

    1. She has an interesting background and life back in the 1800's

  7. Most interesting area you are in. So you cook those fillets from frozen! I can see how that would make them nice and moist.

    1. It is interesting and we enjoy it here. On the pa page says cook form frozen on the BBQ 5 minutes a side and they come out perfect and moist.

  8. Can't beat those Army COE campgrounds! :c)

    1. They are very nice have checked out quite a few but not actually stayed at one. our memberships are usually cheaper. with full hookups.


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