Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Another perfect spring day here enjoying the weather and remembering Norma.

Where are we today ?
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         A wonderful good nights sleep and was lucky I slept until 5:30 this morning wow that feels good. As the sun was rising I headed out for a nice walkabout around this lovely campground . Down past the clubhouse, pond, fish cleaning station and the water front campsites that are not open yet for the season. Probably the ground is still too damp yet. While there I saw many, many flocks of birds heading north in their view formation thought maybe geese but no honking. Thousands of them heading north. What a sight to see.
nice morning sunrise out out living room m window
over a small pond
yup its spring Daffodils blooming
panel boat pond
nice reflections in this pond
sunrise over the boat docks
nice fish cleaning station
sites by the lake not open yet
the Sailboat Bridge into Grove
all these birds amazing!
they just kept coming
just love these flowers
cute Bear bench
a very nice pond beside the pool
3 waterfalls
lots of nice rental cabins here as well
         Then about 9 am I headed into town stopped at Harps (employe owned) grocery store for a few items on sale , then stock up at the Walmart down the road. Back home for a light tasty lunch.
a very nice grocery store
    Now time to enjoy a wonderful warm sunny afternoon. Got a few more walkabouts enjoying this fine weather checked out their amazing pool here.Not open yet but sure would be wonderful in the summer. 3 miles done today.
           Just enjoying this great sunny warm day a comfortable 74F . This a great day to read outside and enjoy the weather.  New neighbour pulled in beside us, Les a local guy he is here for the Bass fishing tournament this weekend. He is one of the guys that keep on eye of everyone. He is one the marshals for the tournament. He came over to ask if I had a wrench to tighten up the drain on his hot water tank, he had winterized it but was not tightened. So was leaking. Got my tool box out and sure enough had the socket to take care of that. nice to meet fellow rver's and help them out when I can. Pay back from yesterday this is what rv;'ers do
what a perfect sunny afternoon
       I finished another book and started another John Sanford in the series. Loving this reading time outside that we can enjoy together.
        I had gotten this series of about 25 books from Croft Randal (Croft's Wanderings) a fellow blogger/ rver from Vancouver Island, we have followed for many years and met him and his wife Norma a few years ago at a Flying J Denny's in Texas. sadly we heard yesterday that Norma had passed away. Our condolences to Croft and his family, she was a very nice lady we only had short time to visit with. Have met Croft a few other times in our travels as well.
another Lucas Davenport page turner
        I was looking around and noticed this truck camper down from us and an awesome looking boat he was working on. Wow what an amazing boat, this fellow is here for the fishing tournament . And does this fulltime, around the country from one to another.Obviously he has sponsors, just look at the equipment and boat he has!
getting things ready to fish
250 horsepower he has had up to 72 MPH on the water
man that is fast for fishing
his house
      Soon time for supper, tonight I whipped up a salad and grilled some pork sirloin steaks got on sale at Harps 3 bucks for 5 of them so grille 2.5 for a very tasty meal. another meal in the freezer. And some asparagus for $1:25 a lb enough for 2 meals.
not long on the grill mat
another very tasty meal for a good price
         After supper we sat outside reading for a while, enjoying a nice mild evening catch another nice sunset here in Oklahoma. Finally at 7:30 pm cooling down to 64F we headed inside to enjoy the rest of our day.
just beginning
a nice ending to a wonderful day
      No problems here just enjoying the area and some nice warm spring weather. 
      Thanks again for dropping by for a peek.
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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. After being stuck in the saturated lot at your previous site, you must appreciate the paved sites! Not many folks fish from a turbo-charged ski boat, but at least can get to the hot fishing spots faster than most!

    1. This are nice solid sites here keeps everything nice and clean. That is one fast fishing boat, thus is that fellows career, and think he must do well with it , by the way he is from California.

  2. That is one serious fisherman. Is the lake big enough for that kind of boat?
    Those chops were so cheap, I was looking at meat when I went shopping yesterday and couldn't believe how expensive it all is. So grabbed me a nice big bag of breast and moved on.
    Beautiful sinrise and sunset pictures you took

    1. Yes he does make a good living fishing, this lake is very large and connects to many more in the area. Int was a good deall on the chops, Meat is getting expensive so I like ti shop wisely. We do have some nice views here.

  3. Those are massive amount of birds migrating north much like yourselves. Those are pretty cabins and I like that they have wheelchair ramps. That is one gorgeous tree with white blooms beside them.

    You got to play it forward the good deed that you were in the receiving end of yesterday. Enjoy your new location.

    1. Yep we are heading north with the birds, think they mostly follow the lakes. They do have some nice cabins and accessible as well. Thanks we do enjoy this area.

  4. Wow, that's some pretty fancy stuff! Very nice of you to help your neighbour out. Looks like a wonderful park. Enjoy your time there.

    1. It is a very nice park and the price is right as well.

  5. I just love to see the birds migrating. Yup that is one serious boat! That's got to be a fun way to make a living!!

    1. Is nice to see all those birds . A very serious beat and a fun way to making living for sure.

  6. Nice that they put cement pads at those sites so RVs won't get stuck like you did. Someone thought outside the box. :c)

    1. The cement pads here are nice especially when it can be a wet area.

  7. Wow! I've got to say I love that park! Hopefully you'll get to see the tournament and all the fancy boats! What a way to make a living dontcha think! The sunrise was beautiful! We have WINCO in this neck of the woods that is employee owned and some of the best prices ever! I only get there about once a month, but I do stock up when I do! Great dinner! Beautiful sunset! what a perfect day!

    1. We really enjoy it here as well, it has been improved quite a bit over the years. That sure would be a great way to make a living for sure. Harps has some great deals and different products. I like to stick up when I can find some. It was another great day no complaints here.

  8. Norma was a very unique individual and she will be missed by many.

  9. We've been seeing the Canada Geese for the last two weeks, and saw our first snow geese of the season this morning!

    1. We have been seeing them for a while this is the latest group we have seen this spring.


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