Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Time to begin heading further east and nice relaxing travel day.

Where are we today ? 
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       Colder again last night 34 F at 5 am but with the sun rising warmed up quickly. Out  for my last walkabout here on this visit , always loving the views here. Taking our time getting ready to head out with a nice short drive today. Love our travel days we were dues to move after 2 weeks.
love the desert views here gonna miss them
        We secured our coach dumped our sewage topped up some fresh water, hooked up the car and headed east on AZ 86 for 111 miles. A wonderful 2 lane road very scenic and next to no traffic at all. Love this drive.
so quiet and scenic
lots of saguaro cactus along this route as well.
      And so many colourful desert flowers, hard to take a picture at 55 mph though.
       We arrived at Casino Del Sol in Tucson by 11:30 am found a parking spot at the back huge lot I am sure there is a couple of hundred rv';s camped here. I did a couple of minor repairs, enjoyed a light lunch then took a walk to check out the casino again just because I could. Only here once before can easily get lost in there.
a nice quiet spot we have.
       Beautiful grounds here like most casinos, lots of nice cactus gardens and varieties as well.
nice tree thought maybe a lilac but does not smell like them 
the hotel
side casino entrance
the Amphiteatre for outdoor concerts

        Back home to relax outside in the very warm afternoon sunshine . Next to no wind but felt wonderful only 59 F  but the sun was nice. We enjoyed our e-readers for a couple of hours, a nice quiet happy hour here.
the view right in front of us , perfect
yup we got another corner site
enjoying  the blue Arizona skies
this rv drove , huge , from Germany
     We decided just after 4 pm to head into the casino and enjoy an early supper , Just because plus we are heading tomorrow into another time zone. loosing an hour trying to adjust now.
this nice Prevost is camped just up from us 
this guy has enough power I think???
this cactus with a few babies
love the lawn here looks like a golf green

inside the casino one of the wings 
     Our goal was Mobys for supper, we were here last year and enjoyed the food pretty reasonable and tasty.
love the atmosphere here
smiling Suzie ready to eat
we shared a salad to start
shrimp alfredo for Suzie
fish and chips for me Haddock was tasty
    We enjoyed our meals and took enough home for supper tomorrow night. Free camping tonight so we figured we could enjoy a tasty meal here, fair exchange I think.
      After this thought, maybe a donation to the casino fund as well. Its been a long time since we enjoyed  some slot time entertainment for a while only 10 bucks each, now got that our of our system for a while as well.
     We had a nice easy travel day, got to where we wanted to be , enjoyed some great weather casino fun and a tasty treat for supper.
our slot machine fix too
     Back home we relaxing inside and caught a nice casino parking lot sunset  then soon called it a night. Watch a show or two on the tube.
not a bad casino sunset

111 miles today
    That was our fun day hope you had good one as well , thanks for travelling along with us.

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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. I really like short travel days. They are so relaxing. Glad you folks found your safely and enjoyed some fun in the Casino. Safe travels as you move on down the road!

    1. It was a great travel day , nice to be rolling down the road again, a nice spot for the night and Casino fun.

  2. Moby's is a good place to eat.

  3. The bush you thought was lilac is a Mountain Laurel just so you know...

  4. Happy to hear you've arrived at your overnight destination.
    Good to treat yourselves and have a little gambling fun too.
    That is one packed parking lot! Travel safe today as you move on.

    1. It was a nice treat for a change and fun. This parking lot is always busy but always lotsa room too. Moving on down the road yeah.

  5. That's a busy parking lot but you have a great "corner" site! Looks like a cute place to eat and the food looked delicious. Nice treat for you both! Very nice sunset!

    1. This place is always busy, and great stop over for us. Food was tasty and yes a pretty good sunset as well.

  6. Good grief .... the solar panels. Obviously Del Sol is dry camping? I'm curious how long you can stay there for free?

    1. Some people spent a lot on solar pays off if you use it a lot. There is no signs saying how long I know some people have been here for quit a while.

  7. Wow that bus was interesting, thanks for the picture. Safe travels today.

    1. Thanks Guys, we do see a lot of interesting units in our travels.

  8. We're big fans of casino buffets, gambling, not so much. Of course, free overnight parking makes casinos a real bargain. :c)

    1. The buffet was over $20. a person but we enjoyed tasty meal any way, Free parking may as well leave some money here,

  9. That is a huge casino but you scored the perfect corner site. I am surprised at how large it is and the number of RV's there. That Prevost looks like it is staying for a while. I think that is the same German tank, oops RV, that was here a few days ago.

    1. This is a very large casino and th corner site a bonus. That Rv does look like a tank I am sure it would go anywhere.

  10. What a nice variety of cactus plants as well as that pretty purple tree. Had no idea so many people camped out at a Casino. It looks like you guys had a great day.

    1. Nice casus collection they have. There is a lot of casinos that allow overnight rv Parking, most people spend money on food and or gambling so why not.

  11. Glad you had relaxing Travel Day. Nice Scenery.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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