Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Another great day, amazing staff here, and a fishing derby.

Where are we today ? 
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      Very mild overnight 56F at 5 am and gonna warm up nicely but and overcast day.  Did get a nice walkabout for my first mile around the campground but no sunshine, at least not too cold, Gonna get some rain and cold weather over the next few days though. But we will take it as it comes, better than cold and snow back home.
 A pretty nice sunrise this morning 
they have nice clubhouse house here I will check out tomorrow
more very nice rentals cabins here as well
         Then the Tornado shelter not far from us we have been here before in the past, very secure. Not pretty but we will be safe. That is all that matters.
this is the shelter 
           When the office opened at 8:30 this morning I went and asked why I could not get any cable channels. We like to be able to watch local Tv when we are in Tornado Alley to keep a close eye on the weather. They have amazing warning systems. The lady there called Daniel and sent him over to check out the cable, nope not working for us? So he got a cable box hooked it up and wow we have cable. They are so helpful and friendly in this park, really take care of us campers. And while in the office the lady asked me if I was the blogger, she recognized me from last year. So I gave her our card, Then another lady from the office came out and said there is my blogger, I lost your card, ok here is another one, I love reading your blog. She also told me they had to put netting over the pond, because the cranes were eating all their fish, I kinda figured that.
now they can keep the fish I saw 6 today
     After this into Walmart to fill our 5 gallon water jug with RO water (I forgot yesterday). And on the way back I check out the location of the fishing derby. This is the FLW (Fishing league Worldwide)  Click that link and so much information there First place so far today is catch a 22 lb his career earnings at $128,000.00 in 3 years another his earnings 1,265,965.00 in 24 years wow thats a lot of earnings for fishing all the time, what a great lifestyle .
cruised around here for a bit to check it out
boat trailers every where a few hundred
here out on the lakes somewhere
 a few of these amazing boats here too
         Back home for a light lunch then time to do some laundry, Suzie had sorted it so I took it over to the park laundry room,.Good prices $1.50 wash $1.00 to dry This was all done and folded, took it back home and Suzie put it away. Even though overcast today it was comfortable 80F. a decent day to spend outside reading, shorts of course.
nice bright laundry room and exercise area as well
I did some of that too.
wanna relax here?you can do that too
3 washers and 3 dryers we only need two.
nobody else here
    About 2:30 we headed to the fishing derby to see if anything going on yet. Not see much now we did a quick walkabout and headed home.
some amazing boats here though
for keeping the fish alive after they are weighed 
then they go in here and are released again 
            Back home by 3 pm read for a bit and prepped a nice chicken for our Weber Q. We had time for Happy Hour and read for a while as well, Loving this wonderful warm weather here .
not sunny but very warm
a good day for reading outside 
love this large sites closest neighbour.
        Soon  time to whip up supper I picked up this chicken yesterday for a good price so tonight was a good day to grill it on our Weber Q.
we will get a few meals from this plus soup
we do enjoy this dipping sauce ,only in Canada,
we stock up
       While reading and cooking your chicken noticed 6 trailers with boats coming back  from the fishing derby, camping here somewhere in this park.
another one back here for the night 
      Just over an hour later our chicken was done to perfection grilled some fresh asparagus for a few minutes.
added to our salad it was wonderful
        Still outside at 7:45 reading a bit and finishing this posting , a perfect 65 f but no visible sunset tonight so no picture of that maybe another day.
        Hope y'all had a wonderful day and thanks for stopping on by.
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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Who'd-a-thunk there was that much money in fishing! Nice that it is catch-and-release, as kids it was catch-and-eat. Great campsite in a nice resort, you really scored this time ... if you get the cable working :)

    1. Lotta big money in these tournaments all sports scored by large companies. This is a great campground and the cable is working now.

  2. When I saw all those boats I had to go back to yesterdays post and wow that is a huge lake. Imagine making that kind of money for doing what you enjoy so much. That is a really nice RV Park.

    Another great buy on the chicken. I was checking out prices on meats the other day and man it's crazy. Went right over to the chicken and bought a bag.

    1. These lakes juts keep going for miles and miles. Pretty good money to make having fun.
      Meat prices are getting really high and higher all the time.

  3. Nice park.
    We have Walleye tournaments up by us and it is amazing the boats and equipment you see. The first time we went to one I could not believe the amount of prize money that was handed out.

    1. The prize money is amazing, All advertising money from the sponsors.

  4. Wouldn't it be fun to make a living just fishing? They make the big bucks from the sponsors. I'm not much for catch and release however ... I like to catch and EAT!!

    1. Catch and eat is perefct love fresh fish. But catch a release to earn a living think sure would be nice.

  5. A very nice looking park. Some pretty fancy boats too. Glad you are enjoying your time there.

    1. It is a nice park and very quiet this time of year as well. They re amazing boats.

  6. Looks like a nice park. Thanks for the info on the fishermen earnings, that was really interesting.

    1. It is a very nice park we always enjoy it here. You can click the link for the FLW and read about the earnings of all these career fishermen.

  7. Living on a lake that hosts fishing tournaments, I'm often amazed at some of the fishing boats and how fast they will go, joking - how fast do you need to go to catch a fish.

    1. The theory behind these fast boats is they can quickly go from one area to the next and they do this all day long during the tournaments, gotta catch the biggest fish. They need to spend the time fishing no driving around.


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