Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, March 18, 2019

A surprise visit from friends this morning and another great travel day.

Where are we today ?
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      Not sure what happened today I actually slept until 6:30 this morning! 2 1/2 hours longer than usual and even went to bed at my usual 9 pm. Totally throws me off schedule now. But in no rush today only have  about a 4 -5 hour drive.  Don't get the sunrise not until 8 am now plus we are heading through Abilene TX about 10 miles down the road so want to wait until after 9 am anyway. And skip around Fort Worth heading north.
A nice sunrise this morning right here
         Now a nice walkabout enjoy a nice sunny warm morning here check out the trucks and the store as I like to do. These Flying J's have a roadside assistance right here in most we have been. nice too see they take care of the truckers , I am sure this is their bread and butter,
always lots of truckers here fuelling day and night.
they go through a lot for fuel
third tanker I saw this morning!
        Like I said we are in no rush today And lucky we weren't. Just after 9 am a knock on our door . It was Kimberlee of Kim and Ken (their blog here ) good friends from Rock Glen resort back home in Ontario. They stopped here this morning to fuel their coach. And stopped by to say hi!  we chatted for a bit and into Dennys enjoyed a coffee to catch up.
their  rig pulled in beside us
Suzie . Kim, Ken and my shadow
        We had fun happy hour coffee and both set out out on our journey's different directions and will meet up on down the road again at some point. What a fun surprising visit !
here we are back on I -20 east bound
     Left here about 10:30 this morning making our way further east and north. About and hour later after whipping thorough Abilene we stopped at this wonderful rest area for a stretch an make lunch , Just because it was time. Another amazing Safety rest area, storm shelter and free wifi.
another storm shelter here
     Inside they some very nice displays to enjoy , really love these Texas rest areas !
love these rain catchers they have
     Back on I 20 heading east , very little traffic
pretty decent roads too and an awesome travel day again
      We whipped around Fort Worth  heading up 35 north no issues and not much traffic smooth sailing all the way. Then crossing the RED RIVER into Oklahoma.
this is a RED RIVER
exit 1 we took to the campground we scheme out the visitor centre another day
another membership park for us 2 bucks a night FHUs  and free wifi
we do love our memberships
      Pulled in at 2:45 and all set up now to enjoy this wonderful warm sunny weather outside . I was in shorts all day since 10 am, it was that nice. Gotta love it!
a nice sunny site we can enjoy for a few days
nice that we had the time to read outside
 in the afternoon sunshine again 
clear blue sunny skies
     I took a couple of walkabouts to re check this campground, it has been a few years and slowly remember this place.
nice clubhouse , book exchange
juke box
a couple of puzzles on the go
a stage here for entrainment
couple of pool tables
      We chatted for a while (happy Hour) then fired up our Weber Q to grill a couple of burgers for supper. Its been a while since we have used our Weber Q.
Turkey burger for Suzie Chorizo burger for me! 
this was all we need tonight
       After supper was sone we enjoyed a very nice evening outside reading . posting this blog and chatting with our neighbour. Temperature still in the mid 60's F and and just after 7:30 pm I caught the end on a nice colourful sunset for tonights posting what a treat to be able to enjoy this warm weather outside so late in the day.
our sunset tonight
       Now this posting almost done and soon time to head inside about 8 pm, but got chatting with our neighbour and now 9 pm, finish this posting then time to call it a night after a really nice travel day. Meeting up with good friends this morning and wonderful sunny weather.
        Really do love this lifestyle !
       Thanks for checking us out today and hope y'all had agree one as well.
232 miles today
Want to learn more about Membership camping at Rock Glen Family Resort ?
 click this link to book a tour 
 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Wow!! You are moving right along!!

  2. Nice surprise to have friends drop by while hanging out on a travel day. A beautiful day you had, continued safe travels!

    1. It was nice to see them in an unplanned meeting. It was an awesome day.

  3. Nice smooth travels your having. And friends along the way. Cool rest stop

    1. The travels have been wonderful and a chance encounter with friends a treat too. Love some of these rest areas.

  4. OMG! Fantastic sunrise and you capture it perfectly.

    So very special to have friends surprise you like that.

    1. Thanks Contessa it was a very nice sunrise we enjoyed. The visit was a nice surprise un planned encounter.

  5. Talk about a small world! Amazing to have those visitors!! Nice rest area you stopped at. A nice park to spend a day or two for sure! Great sunset pics and a wonderful dinner!

    1. It was a nice surprise to run into good friends just like that. Love the Texas rest areas and a comfortable park to hang out at for a good price too.

  6. All these southwest states sure know how to do overpasses and rest areas up nice.
    Enjoy your stay at R.R.R. Resort.

    1. They sure do know how to spruce up these areas for travels and locals alike. We will enjoy our stay here and nice spot to hang out.

  7. What a nice surprise to have Kim and Ken drop in. You two are moving right along. Enjoy your time at the park. Always nice to stop for a couple of days after putting the miles behind you.

    1. It was a wonderful surprise , for them to drop by. Nice to kick back and relaxin for a few days enjoy some new sights again. then we will keep on moving on.

  8. Glad you got to sleep in this morning. Wish I could make myself go to sleep at 9:00 p.m. but I have always been a night owl.

    I am so impressed with the rest stops in that part of Texas besides the tornado shelters I loved the roof-top rain catcher.

    Nice supper as well as a beautiful sunset picture.

    1. That is a rare thing for me to sleep in, guess I needed it. These rest areas are wonderful the rain catcher and storm shelters a bonus as well. Supper and the beautiful skies here are wonderful.

  9. looks like a nice campground

    1. This works for us and the price is right as well.

  10. Wow, how nice to see Kim and Ken again!! I'm enjoying the ride George. Always nice to see things through some one else's eyes. Enjoy the park.

    1. It was a treat to see them again. and thanks for riding along with us. Evening see things differently.

  11. Those Pilot service trucks look nice, hopefully I'll never need one. ;c)


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