Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, March 07, 2019

Cloudy very warm day.

Where are we today ? 
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       Just another wonderful quiet night and a good sleep.  Quite mild again 55F at 5 am  and by 10 it was 74F on a slightly overcast day, Another very nice warm desert day.
     No visible sunrise this morning and I did get short early morning walkabout. Then into Olsens in Ajo for a few groceries.
nice colourful flower
so beautiful and peaceful here
the quiet trails perfect
lots of nicely decorated sites
      After the groceries I stopped by the Open Pit copper mine just because I was in town anyway.  Back in the day this was the lifeblood of the community here. Now just one big hole in the ground.
      The new Cornelia Copper mine in AJO  this was shut down in 1983, The open pit mine is 1.5 miles across and 1,100 feet deep.
one huge hole in the ground
       Back home, putter around for a while enjoying this very nice day and at 81F overcast and no humidity it almost felt cool.
our afternoon views.
      Our friend Ron got a new tube for Loree's bicycle at Olsen's on Ajo. All fixed up and taking it for a test drive.
looking good Ron
a bit later he took Freddie for a run with his bike
     Then about 3:30 over to their pace for a fun Happy Hour, just because we could and they are here.
Ron even took a rare picture of us
Ron, Loree and Freddie
gotta love Freddie so beautiful playful and friendly
         Soon was time for us to head home and whip to supper, Tonight a breaded pork Schnitzel. I whipped up with fried onions and mushrooms topped with shredded cheese and homemade salsa to go with our salad,.
love a tasty Schnitzel
wow so tasty and tender , melt in your mouth
neighbour played taps so we caught a nice sunset
     A perfect way to end another perfect desert day.
     Thanks for taking the time to drop on by.
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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Freddy looks like such a happy boy!! Love that pit mine ... the colors of the rock are so vivid!!! Yup the weather has been perfect!!

    1. Freddy sure is always happy and glad to see you.
      The open pit mine is amazing and like you said the colors vivid on a perfect desert spring day.

  2. Nice to see you all enjoying more time together in the southwest. Freddy has the most beautiful brown eyes, such a sweetie.
    The mine is pretty cool and the colours add to its beauty.

    1. It was a surprise when they showed up, nice to hang out with them again for a while.
      Freddy is a wonderful dog.

  3. Cute pic of you and Suzie! What a beautiful area you're at for sure! Nice you decided to stay another week and why not? Dinner looks yummy! My mom was from Austria and she made the best schnitzel! Freddy is too cute! Beautiful sunset!

    1. Thanks guys. We do enjoy it here lotsa room and there is no other place that will be warmer than here right now. Always enjoy a tasty schnitzel.

  4. Great view of the open pit mine. A wonderful area for certain. Glad you're enjoying your time there.

    1. It is one big hole in the ground, and yes we are enjoying our time here.

  5. I have gone back to Firefox and can now make a comment. So it has something to do with me and Google on Safari. Back to sorting it out.

    1. Glad you got it figured out and can work out the issues.


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