Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, February 27, 2017

Rainy day stuff, making it not too hard to leave here tomorrow.

Where are we today?
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      Mild overnight and  57f at 5 am, it got up to 67f today but overcast all day. Then about noon a light rain began. This morning though we did get a few things done, couple of walkabouts, our Weber Q stored away, tires and oil checked , fresh water filled. Suzie dusted, vacuumed our coach, washed the floors and I shook the mats.
skies like this all day
      Then after a quick bite for lunch I took a couple of loads of laundry here in the park, to let the machines do their magic. 70 minutes is all it takes with a total cost of 5 bucks, not bad , and I can read while this goes on the time just flies on by. Home by 1 bas she can put it away. Still drizzling...

not a heavy rain so not too bad
      Had a couple of short breaks when the drizzle let up, secured the bikes to the back of the coach, got some reading done with can't put down books. Another walkabout or 2, Happy Hour inside just the 2 of us then time to whip up supper.
     Tonight a spaghetti squash with some homemade tomato sauce we had in the freezer and a salad. A cornmeal muffin as well. Just like we had planned. Perfect day for it. Heat up the sauce and the squash 10 minutes in the microwave.
perfect sized squash for a buck
10 minutes in the microwave
 done perfectly 
a little shredded cheddar, parmesan and my hot spices
I was good to go.
again leftovers 
         Not really a bad day, we got the things done we wanted before we hit the road in the morning slowly making our way east, only have 6 weeks to get home now. We have been here 2 weeks gotta go,  new places and new faces.
        Thanks for stopping in and hope y'all had a wonderful day as well.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. We've had rain again all day! Your skies really looked overcast alright.
    Glad you were able to get all your chores done so you'll be ready to roll tomorrow. Safe travels!!

    1. Thanks we got stuff done a bit at time, no rush, could do it in the morning too not a big deal. Just puttering around enjoying the day.

  2. We have 1 1/2" of rain so far here in Sedona. Enough. I am looking out the window and see lots of snow on the mountains across from the campground. Yuck!
    Safe travels.

  3. Can't believe it's time for you guys to head east already. We've had rain all night and this morning. But next week looks perfect - so travel slowly and enjoy the weather.

    1. Only 6 weeks to get home.
      We will travel slowly and enjoy exploring a bit more.

  4. Wet day for sure but things get done that way! We're ready to move on as well.

  5. At least the rain didn't bring all activities to a halt. Got packed and ready to go. Have a safe journey to your new home today.

  6. It rained all day yesterday here and most of last night but every once and a while a rainy day is nice. Hope by he time you read this you have reached your new destination safe and sound.

  7. Safe travels as you head east again. hope the weather gods are good to you .

  8. I think everyplace in Arizona received a good deal of rain. No fun at all.


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