Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday fun here. Mexico and Arizona Market Place

Where are we today?
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       Wow what another great day we having sunshine  clear blue skies and not much wind. Temps to the mid 60's f , but in the sun and outta the wind feels wonderful. Today we are on a mission , Bill and Barb want to go to Mexico, they are newbies and we have been there many times we will accompany them and show them the ropes.
        It is an experience going there as we well know. So at 9:30 hopped it there truck and 5 minutes later we parked, and  make there trek across the border and explore.
yep they are going to Mexico
     We wandered the vendors and enjoyed chatting with them and saying, no thanks maybe later.
Suzie and Barb
 Found a spot for Bill to sit for w while while we explored a bit more. He need a hip replacement that will happen when they get back to New York soon. but t]he was a trouper and delt with it as much as he could.
nice that he could relax
 We found a Mexican Tim Hortons and just had to take a pic. no coffees though bur was really cool to finally fine to here. We are not fans of Tim Hortons even back home.
Barb at Mexican Timmies
    We kept wandering more and having fun with the vendors. We did not buy much but they did a few things. I showed Barb how to barter with them and seemed to work out well.

    Then we need to stop for a bi , into the food court we enjoy, Ended up ordering a bite to eat. Service was good to start but they got very busy as they do. Food we had was good but we wanted to get going . had a few more things to do today.
court yard restaruant 
 we very comfy in the sun
my beer have not had for a while
loved it
A very tasty combo platter, sure was wonderful
Suzie had great combo as well
   An early lunch at 11 am so we could walk it off for the rest of the day.
love this courtyard, the music was just beginning
 as we left
more shopping to do
     Now had a fun morning lets hit the purple store for some booze and drugs the get in line to get back to the USA. It was only 12:15 nut still a long line up for customs.
Customs lineup back to the USA was long
 but only about 25 minutes
just after 12 noon
       From here over to the Arizona Market Place to get a sunshade  for their  electric awning. Walked about a bit and found they did not have the color they wanted in stock today, will be in tomorrow.
checked the market out a bit them back home
      Back home by 2:30 their trailer was being washed and hand waxed , then it was time for Happy Hour at Bill and Patsy's.
looking better than new
     The George and Rose had their;s done as well , while we all flapped ur gums.
George an Rose's coach
yup we having fun and a few laughs
     I shared a 1/2 bottle of Tequila we had. 2 things  happened finished the bottle and made for more lively conversation. As if we need to do that with this group. lol.
love clear blue desert skies
Bill and Barb with Clemson
my deal today in Mexico
some nice Tequila , all for
for $8.99
      Then as it cooled down time to head  home for supper. Tonight a light one, grilled cheese and a New England Clam Chowder. It has been a few years since we have had a canned soup, because of the sodium content and all the additives. Much refer to make our own now. It was here and wanted to use it up. Used to be my favourite soup many years ago. but now prefer my own homemade.
sure was a tasty, light supper
     Glad that ya.ll stopped in for a visit, hope ya come back again.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. Haven't had clam chowder in a long time. The weather feels like a soup day.

    1. It was avery tasty and it is soup weather right now, wonderful.

  2. Looks like a tasty light meal. I never tire of all the colors in Mexico. Glad you friends had a good visit.

  3. Next year if I come back, I just have to go down and see Mexico. Your pictures make it look so inviting. I recognize that Campbell's Chunky Soup can. One of my dinner staples.

    1. It is an interesting place to check out , the vendors can be annoying, but and adventure none the less. It is a very tasty soup,not so much a staple for us anymore but hit the spot.

  4. Love clam chowder too. It was a great day. Isn't any day a soup day? :)

    1. Everyday is great living this lifestyle and yes any day can be a soup day for me.

  5. It was up to 17c today in St.Thomas, on

    1. Enjoy it while you can and keep that weather until we get back please.

  6. Nothing beats having lunch outside in the sun with some good friends.

  7. After reading your blog, looks like you drank too much tequila!!!


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