Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, February 04, 2017

A nice morning cruise and more wonderful sunny winter weather.

Where are we today ?
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         Just more great weather , what can I say? Walkabout for a bit into town early morning for a couple things. Puttering around for a bit and she called me outside to see not one but 7 ultralights flying over the area. So cool, talk about a bird's eye view, on another perfect day.
2 of the ultra lights, they were not close together
             When Suzie was ready we took off for a cruise around the area
. Today want to head over to Ocotillo Wells. Only about a 20 minute drive, an area we have never been to yet. More State Park recreation area mostly for atv's and dune buggies etc... This could be a very busy area at the right time of year. But also free camping if you can put up with all the noise and stuff.
dune buggies and atvs coming in
ATV rentals too
Ocotillo Cactus everywhere here
        On our way back home we spotted this Rv way out there and am pretty sure it was the Bayfield Bunch in a very secluded area. Nope, will not stop by for a visit cause we know they like their space as we do too.
looks like them
            Almost home enjoying this quiet desert drive. So much open space here that we love.
       Taking another road into town passed many more sculptures that are scattered around the area, Had to stop at this one just cause we  could and take a pic, it is amazing and huge.
      Home for lunch an while Suzie is relaxing I whipped down the road to see if I could get some fresh local oranges, nope only huge red grapefruit. Good deal $3.50 for a 7 lb bag , but wanted oranges, will check back later.
         Now to enjoy this very warm sunny day in the shade. We both got some quality reading time in and had a wonderful very hot afternoon.
Sunshade for Suzie's legs
hey it works
we have lotsa space here,
not too bad at all
      Eventually time for supper, Burgers and a salad. turkey Burger for Suzie and a chirozo burger for me with the fresh chirozo I pick d up yesterday. Oh I love that stuff gotta get me lots more before we leave.
burgers on the Weber Q
        That was our winter day and hope yours was a great one as well, wherever you are.
         Thanks for stopping by.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. George, I think what you saw in the sky was no ultralights but parashooters. Ultralights are actually motorized little airplanes. Paragliders are yet another category.

    1. Cool, thanks for the correction, was nice to see them all cruising overhead.

  2. Another toasty sunny day! Life is good in the desert.

  3. Yes, it was a nice day for a drive around the area. Beautiful blue skies!

  4. Yep that was us guys George. We were home but probably half sleeping. We still intend to get around to see you guys if your going to be there for a bit.

    1. Just caught your rig of the corner of my eye, and was pretty sure it was you, we should be here for about another week, so drop on by when it suits you. I wish I could take a nap , but not so, Suzie does that for a few minutes right after lunch.

  5. Sounds like another wonderful day in the desert.

    1. It sure was like most of the desert days we enjoy in the winter.


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