Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, February 25, 2017

A relaxing very warm Saturday, was nice after a couple busy days.

Where are we today?
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       Cool this morning outside 44 f  at 5 am and next to no wind. As the sun rose it got to be quite warm in shorts by 9 am and then got to 74f . Clear blue skies , sunshine and no wind, now this is awesome ! Even almost too warm for some people.
      Today we have no where to go and nothing planned so this really looks like it will be an awesome  day. Just getting lots of walkabouts (3 miles walking and 2 miles bike riding, makes a great day for me).
     Shortly after 9 am Bill and Barb headed on out, heading east and eventually back to New York in their travels. So nice to spend some time with them here in the south west.
See ya later guys,
it was fun, travel safe.
away they go
       Then we just puttered around, walkabouts, bike riding and reading in the shade under the tree on our site. So wonderfully warm and sunny, no wind as well, we need the shade.
Perfect spot here in the shade 
nice pavilion here for events
    Then about 2 pm it was time to hit the pool and spa, perfect warm water in the pool and the spa excellent as well.
love the pool here
not too busy
desert flowers in the trees behind us
    Then at 3 pm Happy hour at Rob and Pats, snacks today for Roseannes birthday today, Pats Birthday tomorrow, but they are all on the road tomorrow, so a  party for the 2 ladies here.
we had snacks and fun times.
    Then  time to make our way home as the sun was beginning to set. Fired up our Weber Q grill a turkey burger for Suzie and chirzo  burger for me. That's all we needed after all the snacks earlier.
sun was beginning to set as I grilled the burgers 
That was a perfect meal , sure hit the spot
    Thanks for stopping by, hope your day was wonderful as well.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. That sure is a nice shade tree!! A very nice place to read a book or take a short nap.
    Your weather sounds perfect!! It turn cooler on us today!

  2. I think some of our best days are the "do nothing special days". Not that going and doing isn't fun but a day just enjoying life with those you love and care about those are the best.

  3. Slowly we separate until we bump into each other back in Ontario!

    1. Yes we all have plans that we need to follow, until we meet again.

  4. Looks like Barb doesn't like her photo taken...hehe
    One of my favorites things to do is watch the desert come alive. Beautiful desert flower.

    1. No she does not but no complaints from her. And the desert is coming alive nicely this year.

  5. Nice pictures. I never was inside the fence. Always driving by on our way to and from Yuma.

    1. It is a nice park, part of our membership FHU's for 5 dollars a night.

  6. Shade and an e reader, perfect way to spend the day. Have i mentioned I'm on my third Kindle, wore out the first two. :cO

    1. Gotta love these days I have a Kobo still going strong 3 years now. They are all wonderful.


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