Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Boy are we spoiled with this warm, weather, when 77f feels cold!

Where are we today
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      The weather is about the same, warm, sunny with a few clouds and a relaxing Sunday is on the agenda for today. Mind you we do that most days like this and really enjoy it. Are we bored? Not on your life, much better to be retired, travel around the country to a much warmer climate than back home, all that cold and snow stuff. But we are really spoiled, It was 77f (25c)  today an in the shade felt wonderful, shorts, sandals etc.. Then the cloud cover came in. Still 77f but we felling cold, hmmmm  . Long pants socks and another shirt. Yup we are spoiled that's for sure.
      The other day we did a trip to the  Anza-Borrego Desert State park just to check out the visitor;s centre. Now this a worth while visit. Lots of info here and history of this area, plus so many hiking trails in the area. But Suzie is not a hiker so we enjoyed this place.
Prickly Pear Cactus
          Wonderful views from the overlook, of this area.
Ocotillo Cactus
Beaver tail cactus
map of the state park area
680,00 acres
     Then into the visitors centre and it sure is a great place to find out more info, with a few informative  videos.
huge Tortus Shell
saper toothed tiger
        After here into town to check out the Mall. Library and a couple restaurants and the Borrego Outfitters store, browsed a bit, too expensive for our budget but it was fun. Nice to check out the town.
A nice courtyard here as well
         This afternoon I did a walkabout and a hike up some of the hills I'm this area, got a couple miles done then home to relax in the shade and the usual reading. It is so peaceful here , we love this lifestyle.
drove by the airport down the road and was surprised
top see 5 small planes here
cloudy afternoon,
but our batteries were fully charged
this rv from Europe across from us ,
think from Great Britain
love the sign they have on the back
           Now time for supper, grilled some sweet potato slices and a boneless pork chop, Both done to perfection. Tender tasty and moist chops.
added a salad and did the trick
        Another day and still enjoying this amazing weather. 
        Glad that y'all stopped by and hope your day was wonderful as well.
        For some more great pictures around Borrego Springs in town, take a peak at Al's posting of the Bayfield Bunch .  He takes much better pictures than I do with his amazing camera equipment.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. I like the long distance shot - you are out by yourselves for sure.

    1. Pretty nice here, with a few quiet neighbours not too close

  2. That place is definitely on my "bucket list".

    1. We really enjoy it here, no crowds like Quartzsite and not much shopping just a nice small town in the desert

  3. It sure was nice to experience the hustle of Quartzsite yet I, too, am inclined to love the peacefulness where we are. Enjoy!

    1. Yes the peace and quiet and wide open spaces is wonderful.

  4. Great photos as usual. We hope to be in that area in a couple of weeks, but in an RV Park. Try not to have too much fun!

    1. There is a few nice parks here, but not our style. much. It is a small town but we love this area too.
      We always have too much fun. Did you meet Bill and Barb?


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