Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, February 24, 2017

Helping friends, more Arizona market place, fun birthday lunch at Lin's in Yuma and another great day.

Where are we today?
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     We having another wonder warm sunny day again only got to 70f (20c) but the sunshine makes it perfect, And we know there will be no snow here.
      Got a nice early walkabout before the sunrise then a quick trip to Yuma for a few things, home just after 8 am . Gotta love these clear blue skies here.
one walkabout I took a pic of the Chevy Volt plugged into
their campsite the way of the future I think
     Then I supervised Rob and George installing the sunshade on George and Rose's coach. Very nice. top part stays on and rolls up the bottom installed with a zipper so easy to use, very good price as well. They even got an end panel the is easy to use as well, goes on either end.
a really great solution for a sunshde
 Next we went to the Arizona Market Place to check out a few more things, The goal was a sunshade for Bill and Barb. Wonderful market to explore and some amazing deals to be had.
always good entertainment here in the food court
got Suzie dancing down the aisles. 
Bill Barb and Suzie dancing
slot machins for sale, hmm
Barb wanted them all !  lol...
     We cruised a few rows pick up a few things then the Awning shade at Shade pro.
       Next we met up with the crew at Lin's Chinese Grill and Buffet to surprise, Pat and Rose for there respective birthday's Pat on Saturday and Rose Sunday ( I think I got that right) They have been close friends for a very long time. Nice that we were all together to do this.
our very favourites Chinese Buffet
That's everybody but me, taking the pic
     We had a very tasty filling meal and great conversation,With a buffet the service is always wonderful and we found here always fresh and hot, Amazing selections as well.
I began with salad  sushi and an egg roll
then some chicken and ribs
next some fish and rice
oh my! what a feast.
        Eventually we waddled out of there and headed home. Just a few miles west of our campground we took Bill and Barb to check out the Imperial Sand dunes, Buttercup Recreational area. Pretty quiet today but still some atv's buzzing around and the dunes themselves are amazing to see.
little guys as well, so cute

      We made it home to gather around Bill and Barbs' install their new sunshade during Happy hour, only took a few minutes. Then we chatted  shared some tips as our time together is winding down and our future travels. They leaving tomorrow, Pat, Rob George and Rose on Sunday, Bill and Patsy on Monday and us on Tuesday. All heading out in different directions and eventually making our way home.
fun time as usual, the last hurrah for a while
until we meet again
        Just before we all went our own way home to relax or whatever , it has been a busy day for all of us. Suzie and I read for a while outside until the sun set then inside, post the blog and watch a bit of tv while we enjoyed wonderful light supper, shared a bowl of popcorn and an apple.
Another wonderful sunset
to end another wonderful day
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Where have we been this Winter


  1. HAHAHA...who would have ever thought we would see a car plugged in. What a hoot.
    That huge Marketplace and you didn't buy a thing. What control.

    1. Electric cars appear to be the way of the future. Nothing that we really needed to buy so pretty easy.

    2. Got a Tesla parked in our garage at home,just can't wait for electric MOHOS!!!The Future.....

    3. The Tesla are beautiful machines I am sure you will have fun with that.

  2. They have a great marketplace in Mesa too. Stop by and check it out. It's so fun!

    1. We have been to the Mesa Market Place a few time years ago when we camped near Tucson.

  3. That was a huge lunch!! Very nice birthday celebration with friends!!
    A very large marketplace!! You have lots of self control to not but anything. I love the addition on a sunny day!!

    1. It was a huge lunch just trying to sample most of their tasty food. I will be doing more exercise for the next few day nows. Nothing we need so no need to buy.We have a small sunshade that works well for us.And does the trick.

  4. Sounds like you are all enjoying your time together and making wonderful memories. Great picture of the sunset.

    1. We have been having some good times and a few laughs. We do love the desert sunsets.

  5. Nice to see the weather is sunny and warm. Those sun shades look nice and are probably a good thing to have when you are in such a sunny climate. We have thought about getting one but not sure we would get enough use of one so I think we will just leave it be for now.

    1. The sunshades are nice and we have had one for about 15 years, it does come in handy at times.The one we have now is a small blue one easy for one person to set up and take down, We had a large one but found it needed 2 people.

  6. it was a full day but as always another great one! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    1. Glad to have you here to share it with us as well, more great weather to enjoy now.

  7. I always enjoy the Mexican music at the Market Place. Nice to just sit and enjoy.


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