Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Moon shadows, our first desert flower, another hot day, we do love it.

Where are we today?
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     Gotta love this weather was very warm (ok, hot and we love it.), overnight windows open and so quiet here in the desert. Think it was a full moon cause looks like street lights are on, out side at 4 am. I had to go outside just to make sure. The moon shadows here it the desert are so amazing.
      Early trip to town for a few things, nice that most of the stores open at  7 am California Time, 8 am Arizona time that we are on.
      Home for a bit putter around then opened our awning by 9am , it was getting hot and wanted the shade on our fridge so the it works more efficiently.
driving down the road this afternoon spotted this desert flower
at the side of the road, Amazing to see.
this was the full moon that was lighting up our site at 4 am,
wish I had a better picture
then just after 6 am an interesting sunrise
the sunrise on the mountains to the west
        While enjoying our e readers  these tinny geckos flipping around our site and making them selves  present. They are interesting to watch but hard to get a picture of.
tiny lizards are everywhere
spotted my first flower here 
further down the road a few more
because of the rains this year
       Now after a light lunch we enjoyed reading in the shade, (86 f by 1 pm) and couple short drives about looking for roads that we would like to travel and explore. But not with this car, small wheels and no ground clearance. Maybe someday we will be able to get something better for the desert.
but reading in this weather outside in the shade
is something we both enjoy
lots of people enjoy bicycle riding in this area.
so many great places to explore
     Supper tonight a couple of apple sausage we pick up yesterday in Julian Ca. They are huge and so very tasty.
large apple/pork sausage
Sausage was done had a wonderful sunset
over the mountains behind us. 
so very tasty and could smell the apple
cooking on our Weber Q
Leftovers for lunches,
      Just a another wonderful day here and another one tomorrow planned as well. Farmers Market in the morning then nothing , just hangout doing what we do best, not much other than enjoy this great weather in the southwest. If you around drop on by.
       Thanks for stopping by and enjoying our day with us.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. The desert is starting to come alive. I love seeing all the different flowers. The desert sky is also amazing! Enjoy.

    1. It sure is coming alive the skies and all the amazing views are wonderful

  2. The Brittlebush always seems to be anxious to bloom. Hope to head out in a couple weeks to enjoy the spring blooms, I'm sure more blooms are coming.

    1. Hope we are in the desert to enjoy even more spring blooms, it would be wonderful.

  3. Love that the flowers are coming out. Your picture of the gecko look fine to me!

    1. It is rare that we have seen desert flowers, hope to see more.

  4. Desert flowers are the positive result of desert showers. A little rain is all it takes...

  5. I love the desert when it comes alive with flowers... you must have had some good rains last fall and early winter... beautiful!

    1. We had more rain here this year than w e have ever seen in the desert, so that surely helped.

  6. I see you stopped to see the flowers, but did you stop and smell them too? :cD

  7. Great photos - but the best one is the dinner plate. :)

    I'm loving this warmer weather, too. No heaters, instead I have fans going. So nice. I think the full moon is tonight. But last night I wondered if it was last night, it sure looked full. Clouds here at Quartzsite right now, though, so I might miss the full moon this month. :)

    1. No heaters is wonderful, ni fans here we just enjoy the outside in the shade. Heck if you were here we has a 1/2 turkey in the grill, too bad ya missed it...
      We will see about the moonl later..


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