Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Another busy day, lots going on and the "Bare Naked Ladies" tribute band was here too, pretty good they were. .

Where are we today ?
      We have stuff going on this weekend here and can keep us a busy as we wanna be.
activities for this weekend
        The VW car and Bus show not well attended today for 2 reasons. Overcast drizzly morning and a huge annual car show in Bothwell, not far from here and they have quite a few thousand cars show up every year for that event.
1967 VW bug in excellent condition
this bus  camper was wonderful too
       The graffiti trailer ready for the kids , but I missed them doing their thing. I was busy waxing the front and rear of our coach, pretty well all done now.
Gerry painted this white the other day
the kids do have fun with this
        About 1 pm a whole mess of motocycles pulled in here for lunch on their saturday cruise, Hot dogs, hamburgers and sausage on a bun for them. Great turn out.
       We checked out the bikes and enjoyed nice hand dipped ice cream cone.
butterscotch for me
black cherry cone for Suzie
      Now to relax a bit and enjoy our e-readers, this is good ya know!
      Then about 4 pm we wandered over to the outside deck to enjoy the live band playing. Jane St.Clair a tribute band for the "Bare Naked Ladies". They got their name from the corner of Jane and St. Clair in Toronto. Very good tribute , excellent songs and very entertaining they were. We hung out until their break at 5:30 then came home for supper. Could still hear them from our campsite until they packed it in at 6:30.
they even did  a few songs for the young kids too
       While cooking supper the wagon ride is getting ready to head out. 2 full wagons tonight, with an overcast but mild evening. Lotsa fun!

first wagon load full
       Supper tonight couple chicken legs and thighs, grilled zucchini slices and a salad.
love our chicken as y'all know 
wonderful it was as usual 
      Now supper done we can enjoy some outside reading while it is still pretty mild. getting darker much earlier now but our e-readers have built in lights so not a problem. We stay out as long as we want or until it gets too chilly for shorts, whatever comes first.
       Another fun day under our belts and hope you had a good one too.
       Thanks once again for stopping on by.
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  1. Those hardly looked like Bare Naked Ladies to me! ;)

    1. Thats the name of the Group that had hit songs years ago.

  2. What an interesting day out there. Lots to do and to see. Love those old VWs.

  3. I thought you were going to show us pictures of "Naked Ladies"... a kind of lily that grows in Ohio (not native).... (they are also called Magic Lilies.... the foliage comes up in the spring... the flowers later)... Anyway.... I guess yours are more musical. About that graffiti trailer... makes my eyes hurt just to look at it.

    1. The trailer is scrap, but is being recycles for a fun way for the kids to let off steam.

  4. Replies
    1. They are an alternative Rock Band from Toronto formed in the 80's . A popular hit was "If I had a Million Dollars", no women in the band either.

  5. They don't look bare or naked to me either! You sure seem to know where all the action is.

    1. Usually lotsa stuff going on here in the summer, a family resort to keep the kids occupied.

  6. Dang, what a bummer!! You got me all excited and it turned out to be only a band. . .

    1. Sorry DD but the he band was excellent and that is the name of a real band.


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