Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A few more maintenance items and last visit this year with some rv friends.

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Resort Arkona Ontario
      Wednesday it is and not a lot to do and thats exactly the way we like it. Picked up a few supplies in Forest, home by 10 am, and just puttered around with a few more maintenance items. Check tire pressures,  clean our towed electrical connection, lube our slide out mechanism, lube our hydraulic levelling jacks, our electric steps, doors and compartment hinges and all or our exterior key locks. Even added some water to our fresh water tank. We leaving in the morning and dry camping for about a week . 
        Then enjoy our e readers for a while, off the the fitness centre for a final workout , cut my hair (and Suzie trims the back for me). Read some more, chat with a few neighbors then time to whip up supper. A very relaxing day so far just taking our time, like to pace ourselves.
        Supper a couple boneless chops and an cored apple with cinnamon on the grill, added to our salad worked wonderful.
2 chops and an apple 
oh yeah, love it
        After supper a bit of a walkabout, chat with a few more people here and see ya laters, like next year or on the road some where maybe. 
        Then over to visit with Bill and Carol Wilson have known for 10-11 years. They just pulled in late this afternoon. Last time we saw them was about this time last summer for a couple days. But we heading out in the morning so this is the time to catch up with them. We were at their 50th wedding anniversary 3 years ago in Goderich and they just celebrated 53 years on Aug 11th. So nice to see them again.
Carol and Bill looking good
         That was our fun day here just enjoying some more wonderful weather her in southern Ontario.
         Thanks for stopping on in and hope you had a great day too.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Spring and Summer.


  1. Glad to read that you are not overdoing it but still having fun with other RVers.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We like to pace ourselves so we can have some fun too.

  2. Glad you are enjoying your summer. Looking forward to your travels this fall. I was wondering what product you use for lubeing various parts and systems on the RV?

    1. I use a dry slide out lube for the slide and a heavy silicone spray for the locks and hinges, and a spray on light penetrating grease for the steps moving parts.

  3. That's why your RV has lasted so long, you give it lots of TLC! :c)

  4. It's certainly nice when paths cross of those folks we enjoy.

  5. Good food, Good times, Good Friends..... awesome!


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