Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Sunday fleamarket and a great day until 7 pm them we having some weather.....

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen resort Arkona Ontario
     What do have another wonderful day in store for us. The usual early morning walkabouts and when Suzie ready about 9 am we hopped in the car to the Fleamarket in Grand Bend. If you follow us you know we love this place that is open every Sunday from May 'till October. This weekend being a Canadian long weekend they will be open on Monday (first time ever).
      We always enjoy wandering about in the bush checking out some new items the vendors may have.
Saturday  night entertainment
nutty buddy ice cream yummy 
lots a nice fresh produce 
best pepperettes ever 
mini donuts, love her outfit
even got my pickle on a stick too
Tee pee lamps
the hat vendor we love
Contessa need one of these
Larry needs one of these
      Of course being the long weekend it is very busy, but also brings more vendors as well. 
      Number one item on my list was some extra hot pepperettes, from my favorite vendor, he does have the best ones around. I will stock up before we head south. Then some fresh produce, then a lemon bread loaf as well as a cranberry orange loaf that Suzie really loves from Norma. Losta traffic in and out of here, we left before 11 am and the traffic congestion was amazing.
traffic heading out and in
my new grillmat
works awesome
Suzie got her Doggie fix with Freddie
Ron is the Man!
turkey burgers an corn
       Now home for brunch and tryout my new grill mat that  Suzie bought for me. I was impressed, fried son bacon , home fried potatoes and eggs on it. Using our Weber Q 100 of course and did an amazing job. No mess no fuss, and next to no cleanup. No fry pans etc... just the grill mat, non stop and just whip off with a paper towel. Think I will like this accessory for our grill.
        Mid afternoon friends Ron , Loree and their dog Freddie stopped by for "Happy hour", nice visit and catchup time with them.
        Then now time for supper. Gonna split a cob of corn and a Turkey burger with onion and parsley and of course a salad. Sure hit the spot.
        Now after supper we have tornado warnings, high winds, rain starting and dark clouds. So We all got together with neighbors and helped every one secure their sites and roll up awnings. Looks like the storm may pass us by but better safe than sorry.

Thats was our excellent Sunday hope yours was a good one too, and of course  no tornadoes where you are either.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Spring and Summer.


  1. We are missing going to the Flea Markets. Glad you found what you needed there.
    That storm stayed clear of Tecumseh but it looks like we might get hit in the middle of the night.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Gotta love the Fleamarkets, we can find them most anywhere, large or small we love them all.

  2. Who wouldn't love to wander around a nice flea market? We sure do.

    1. All the interesting, sights, sounds and smells makes for and enjoy few hours of fresh air and exercise.

  3. What fun! And I LOVE the colors of all those peppers! I was enjoying all the photos... then I came to the one with the bacon, eggs and homefries.... Had to wipe the drool off my lap top.... darn! that looks SO good!!!!

    1. We love bacon and eggs they are a rare treat now.

  4. Hope those storms missed you. Wish we could find a good farmer's market around here but most of them shut down in the hot summer months and no snowbirds.

    1. The storms missed us pretty good.
      You do have some great markets there in the winter though.

  5. Another great market for you. Those storms seem to be everywhere this summer. Hopefully, the storm passed you by. They certainly aren't any fun.

  6. So I guess you could call that treat a "Pickle-sikel"? ;c)

  7. Sounds like a great idea for Mexcio. We have a grill mat but never thought of cooking eggs on it.

    1. The table for you and the wine , grill mat works wonderful, just make sure the grill in level.


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