Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday evolved into a busy fun day, with perfect weather again!

Where are we today ?
       What an amazing day we had. Perfect weather. Cool nights great for sleeping with the windows open. Sunny day temps only up to the mid 80's f with a slight breeze. Coffees and computing, walked the whole campground nice and early for an hour or so then about 9 am head on down to Clarence NY to my favorite spice store.
      It is now Smoke Fire and Spice the Link here , Formerly Adventures in Heat where I have been going for years to get my hot sauces from. Talked to George there many times over the years he has contemplated retiring and doing what we do. George has started blog Click here if ya like, and intend on following him maybe even meet up with him in our travels. So I was not surprised there was new owners this year. A very nice people too.
      checked out some of their new bbq products and stuff.
love this wood fired pizza oven, but where would we put it?
only 5 k  !
      Inside a good selection of spices and you can sample them all.
the one I like is on the left,
but the one on the right is
pretty close too
       Now heading back home with Suzie waiting for me I passed this car show near Lockport New York. And the car would just not go past it had to go in and check it out. Lots to see and do and so many cool cars. So I did a quick walkabout enjoyed every minute of it and hurried back home. Suzie always worries about me in my travels, she called me just as I was entering the campground.
lots of fun stuff for the kids
of course music blaring from the 50's and 60's
to set the mood
     Just took a few pics to share, perfect weather and all.
love the 911 tribute on this truck
amazing truck
pimp your ride
this car below a 2005 Saturn,
nothing like our 2002 Saturn at all
        Got back to camp about 12:10 still in time for lunch then we down to the clubhouse to check out the vendors there. No crafts that we needed but the veggie guy was there. He had something we had not seen for a very long time, White corn on the cob. Its called Silver Queen and only available in August. But we only bought 2 cobs for tonights supper.
The Veggie Guy is a local farmer
       I got an email yesterday from a blog reader asking about my homemade wind break for our weber Q. So I took some pics just to show how easy it was to make and works wonderfully. I found some 1/16 inch aluminum and cut this to the size I wanted.  Not fancy but did not cost much either and works wonderfully.
this side against our coach
     Two hinges to hold together with pop rivets or small nuts and bolts.
2 small bolts with butterfly nuts to hold to the bottom piece
 2 angle brackets for easy assembly
and it all folds flat for storage too
     Now a very nice relaxing afternoon enjoying our e-readers then soon time to whip up supper. I had taken the 2 cobs of corn and pulled back the husks, removed the silk and put the husks back on, tied the tops with butchers string and soaked in water for 20 minutes or so. Then on the preheated grill on low for about 20 minutes turning a couple of times to heat through. Then I cooked up 4 Turkey Garlic sausage at the same time, the boarder people missed, we had one each and left overs for Suzie's sausage sandwiches at lunch time.
this white corn  was so tender and tasty, and of course
 so was this amazing garlic sausage and tasty salad.
      Now having nothing planned today worked out pretty good for us, we like to just take one day at a time and ya know, life will happen and we will enjoy it.
       Glad you stopped by and hope you had a great day too.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Spring and Summer.


  1. Glad to read that you are enjoying life in a different neighborhood.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks, we always enjoy different neighborhoods

  2. I'm with you, love car shows. My favorites are pre WWII vehicles. :c)

    1. I like to look at them all, but the pre wwII are my favorites as well.

  3. Always cook the corn on the grill but never remove from the husks until fully cooked, may have to give that a try. Nice car show, glad you enjoyed!

    1. The corn came out very moist, tender and tasty, or you can husk and wrap with foil after soaking.
      Car shows are always fun.

  4. I'll take the yellow car with the angled doors. Any "perfect" day is a good day.

  5. Never heard of using foil with corn on the grill. How long about??

    1. That works good too, about 15-20 minutes on low just turn a couple times

  6. George
    Saw your comments on my new blog & your blog here. Thanks for adding the link to mine. Glad you got what you wanted at the new Smoke, Fire and Spice, formerly known as Adventures in Heat... my "baby" had grown to become a "juvenile delinquent teenager". New owners will make great parents.. lol

    1. hey George nice to catch up with you again, I hope they can take care of that great business that you created.


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