Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mopar Fest In New Hamburg sure a great weekend for it!

Where are we today ?
     Early morning walkabout town for a while after the coffees and computing. Suzie was gonna go visit her mom and dad this morning but has a bit of a cold so best not go there. Stay here and rest. And thats what she did.
       Now while she was resting I took this opportunity to whip over to New Hamburg. This weekend is the yearly Mopar fest. A show and shine cruise for older Chrysler products, been happening for 36 years and is well attended, cars arriving from all over. Last year there was 1,629 registered vehicles,  (all Mopar) Canada's largest. And with perfect weather again this weekend they should surpass that I would think.
borrowed this pic from the internet, last years shoe
        For info on the Mopar Fest in New Hamburg click the here for more information if you care. runs saturday and sunday this weekend, if you around can still drop in tomorrow.
        When I got to New Hamburg they directing traffic. No vehicles allowed on the fairgrounds (its full) so parking was whatever you could find in town or at the Rec complex 2 miles away. At least they have free shuttle buses to the fairground. I got lucky and found a spot couple blocks away for our small car.
shuttle bus
      Paid my $10.00 admission and wandered the rows checking out all the wonderful show cars and even the parts and food vendors as well. Took way to many pics what you see is only a few. It sure was a fun 3 hours I had.
lotsa old car parts here
rows and rows of cars parts
now begin checking out the cars
       So many the same only different, but I did find this very unique one of a kind car below.
2 engines, transmission and steering wheels you can drive
it from either endand will drive sideways as well,
 how's that for parallel parking?
there was 13 of these here
the Road runner Superbird
        Now I wandered about looking for a 1956 Plymouth and actually found a total of 3 here, they are rare show cars. Below is a pic of my 1956 Plymouth Fury 11. I bought it in 1965 from a customer at the gas station I worked at for $100.00 Right from California, in mint shape (no rust at all) but the engine was not that great. Kinda customized it was (dechromed) and all black leatherette interior, electric  trunk, was great car. Neighbor of ours built racing boats and told me he had a Hemi engine we could put in it and he would help me.. So $100.00 for a rebuilt Hemi and 2 weeks work I had an amazing car, over 400 horespower , what a machine that was.  But after a lots of street racing and 5 miles per gallon I finally sold it for $400.00. Sure wish I had it now!
my 1956 Plymouth back in 1966 already customized
      Then I came across these 3 here sure brought back a lot of memories.
all restored
       This one for sale below $20,000.00 appraised at $32,000.00. Wish I still had mine.
nice looking cars
        Meguier's Corporate had a booth there promoting their products. The one I have used for years has been discontinued but has been replaced with an improved product, still easy to use and longer lasting, so glad to hear that.
deep fried mars bars? don't think so
      Then over by the Grandstand a live band playing great music from the 70's.
you've seen the commercials
       Just a few shots from the grandstands below.
      Actually saw a tv show this morning about 6 am making hot rods and the subject today was Rat Rods, quite andinteresting show and different concept for these cars. 
Rat Rod
            Now back home and the weather still awesome, actually quite hot temps close to 95F. Perfect for ME to mow the rest of the yard. 90 minutes later I done.
almost done
After resting Suzie feeling a bit better,
doggie fix good for her
          Now just because I can and its a hot day gotta jump in the pool and cool down = perfect.
      Even had time to read for a while before whipping up supper. Tonight some Alaskan Pollock pan fried on our Weber Q with Fish Crisp.
pan fried fish and a salad  awesome
        While we eating supper the dogs like to join us, they lay quietly inside our coach.
this is Buddies spot
Molly likes it here
      After supper the dogs get to go for a couple more runs , and we can enjoy the mild evening temps outside. Though it is getting dark much sooner now, a sign of fall weather on its way.
      A fun day we had, thanks for stopping in.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Spring and Summer.


  1. Glad to hear that Suzie is starting to feel better.
    We shared a Deep Fried Mars Bar and it wasn't bad.
    Rat Rods got their names from the type of headers used on the exhaust. You see Porcupine headers used mainly on Dragsters and Funny Cars.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Suzie is feeling much better thanks.
      Think you should Google Rat Rods or click on the link above or here, Does not say anything about header

  2. What an interesting day. Love those Old=car-Shows as we have a classic ourselves.

    1. They are fun shows, I have seen pictures of Red Ford convertible, nice ride !

  3. Always enjoy car shows. Got to try that fish crisp. I wonder if it's sold in Fl?

    1. Love the Fish Crisp but only in Canada, you can get it on line though.

  4. My folks had a 56 Plymouth wagon, I still remember it. Of course, it didn't have a Hemi... ;c)

    1. The Hemi was not an option in that car, mine came out of 1958 Desoto and shoehorned in.

  5. Replies
    1. I can pace myself so as not to be rushed around.
      Plus it was all fun.

  6. Great day with some great cars! We should have kept our old cars!

    1. So many great cars out there for the people that can afford them nowadays.
      We should have kept the old cars but where would keep them? That's the problem.

  7. Now that was a very full and fun day.

  8. You always seem to find the good festivals.

    1. We always like to look for local events that interest us.

  9. I don't think my ankles would have made it the whole day. Looks like fun at a great event. Thanks for sharing some wonderful pictures and memories George.

    1. Thanks Gary it was a great day just wandering about I really enjoyed it.

  10. Forgot to say I'm a Meguires man too. Still use it on my Ram and fifth wheel.

    1. Gotta love the Meguires products excellent they are and easy to use.


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