Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Warm day keeping busy and fixing ma's computer.

Where are we today ?
          More wonderful weather, (ya tired of hearing this? we not temps into the high 80's f maybe 30 c, but thats ok with us) early morning walkabouts and back home by 8 am. George was here pumping out our waste tanks, nice to chat with him when he is here. Comes right to us once a week if we request when he is in town. Not bad for $20.00 and we don't have to go anywhere.
          Shortly after 8 o'clock I whipped into Kitchener. Ma's computer will not turn on. So I checked things out, cpu is working but no monitor ? So did some checking a figure the old CRT monitor is toast. No more time Suzie needs the car to visit her mom and Dad.
         So back home before 10:30 Suzie took off and I mowed some more lawn here. She back by 12:30 and I was done what I wanted to do. Bite for lunch and back to check out ma's computer. Picked  up a VGA cable and hooked up her Tv. Works wonderful, need a new monitor. Talked to my sis and she has mom's small tv from here bedroom , so will bring it down and hook it up and ma will be happy again. Could get her a new computer but she has windows XP and is used to that, hard to change the ways of an 88 year mother ya know. So Sis will bring the tv and hook it up when she can , 2.5 hours away so not today.
        Passed a small local ploughing match on the way to Kitchener, wish I had time to stop today.
local ploughing match
ma's computer works but the 29 inch monitor a bit too big,
we have 19 inch tv will work fine
now home before 4 pm, a short happy hour, chat with Suzie
check our tires for the morning departure
          Then whip up supper. Tonight a couple chicken kabobs I made and broccoli with onions on the Q, add that to a salad and we good to go.
broccoli onions with some garlic and herb spice
and a drizzle of olive oil
sure hit the spot
        Another fun day done always something to do. In the morning we we leaving town for a week down to Lazy Lakes resort in Cambria New York, another membership park that we enjoy.
         Thanks for stopping by and all the wonderful comments on yesterdays posting. This is the first day of our 10th year on the road, gotta love it!
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  1. I think it's wonderful your 88 year old mother is a computer techie! Not many 88 year olds are. It's also wonderful she has two kids handy to fix things when they break.

    1. Ma does like her computer, does banking, email reads our blog etc.., sis and I can take care of most things when we around, Baby brother lives couple hours way too away too but still works for a living.

  2. Happy RVing anniversary! And they said it wouldn't last ;-)

    1. Thanks Sharon, you guys still have us beat though what a wonderful lifestyle it is too.

  3. You sure are handy for your parents


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