Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, April 01, 2013

Touring Lorretta Lynn's Ranch, today

Where are we today ?

        A beautiful sunny very warm day today temps in the low 70's a great day to be heading out here in the woods on Loretta Lynn's Ranch. This whole property covers 6,5000 acres and has been put to good use. With camping areas, concert stages, motocross tracks, rodeo grounds, horseback riding the many trails, great fishing in the river all the way to the far end where Loretta Lynn actually lives  right here in Hurricane Mills. When they bought the property this area was on it. Established in 1876 it was a Mill on the Hurricane river.
horseback riding
Loretta's new home on the left
        Now we are at the ranch and area for a guided tour of the grounds. It was a little pricey at $25.00 each we thought, but compared to Graceland and Elvis this was a much better deal. After purchasing our tickets we had almost an hour before the next tour. So we started with the huge 18,000 square foot museum. And did not see it all before it was time to head back for the tour. The museum is amazing displaying hundreds of photos, and awards a couple of videos. Pictures of her over the years doing different concerts with her talented family. Crystal Gayle being her sister too. And a section devoted to Conway Twitty as well.
         No pictures allowed inside the museum, the coal mine or any of the buildings.
        But we were allowed to take pictures inside her tour bus now parked inside the museum with over 3 million miles on it. In that area was her Cadillac, Mercedes, Mooney's jeep and old truck.
custom made coach from the early 1970's very impressive
        Then we met for the tour by the Butcher Holler homeplace where she was raised as a child.
exact replica of the original house that still stands in
 Butcher Holler, Kentucky 
beautiful spot by the river
replica western town
Loretta's old house across the river
We toured the simulated coal mine, in memory of her father.
 That is Bob our entertaining tour guide.
        After the coal mine we hopped in the shuttle bus over to the the huge house where they had lived for many years and raised all six of their children. Loretta was married at 15 years old and became a grandmother at 29. Today at 80 years old she even has a couple great, great, grandchildren and is still touring with 19 concert dates yet this year.
        Ok, now we can tour the house and it is huge! One of the largest kitchens I have ever seen in a house. This house was built in the 1800's and upgraded thru the years and was where the Lynn family lived until the late 1980's. Once the children had moved out it was too big just for the two of them, so they built a new smaller house right behind this and opened this one for the public to enjoy. A very impressive looking, well preserved home. 
        Now back across the river we explored Loretta's Doll museum, the old mill, souvenir shops and even the western store right here. One thing that we really enjoyed, was the fact that every person working there wanted to talk to us, know where we were from and were so friendly. Really makes you feel welcome and enjoy this experience much more. With a personal touch to everything here. Stories from the employees that have known Loretta for many years. Like the elderly lady working in the boutique who had just gotten off the phone with Loretta, looking for her brother. There is a lot of friends and relatives that work here on the Ranch.
I even got to go horseback riding too!
Hurricane Mills
Loretta's new house
trail ride
        Now after about 4 hours here, back home for lunch and putter around for a while. With such a great sunny day, we can enjoy fresh air and get some quality reading time in.
        Then before we know it time for supper, so I fired up the Weber and fry daddy for a feast of chicken wings and homemade fries. 
        Add some hot sauces and celery, carrots w/blue-cheese having a feast.
        After supper was working on posting the blog, but we got side tracked. Someone started a campfire in the community fire pit. And we just had to go over and enjoy it with them, chat for a while then before you know it way past my bedtime. 
wonderful campfire
       There ya go we had an awesome day here in the hills of Tennessee, fantastic weather, checking out one of our favourite country singers who is a legend in her own time. You can read more about her if you are so inclined by clicking HERE.
       Thanks for stopping in and enjoying this awesome day with us, hope yours was good too. 
       On the road to Bowling Green Kentucky on Tuesday.

Our countdown timer is still broken
But we back in Ontario
April 10th, only 9 more days!

 Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter

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  1. Hopefully the weather will warm up before you cross into Canada. It's still a wee bit on the cold side here. :(

  2. Great post George and even greater photos. We enjoyed our experience there back in October 2011 and would go back anytime. Lots to see and do.

    Thanks also for the shout out in your previous posts.

    Currently we are at Singing Hills RV Park in Cave City, KY near Mammoth Caves, for a couple of nights. Nice area wth lots to keep us entertained . . . we are only about 600 miles from our destination in Tillsonburg. Will land there on Thursday. We're not ready for the cold but we are more than ready to re unite with our families.

    Take Care and Travel Safe.

    Sharon & Ron

    1. Thanks for stopping in Sharon, and great meeting up with you guys.
      Travel safe.

  3. Looks like a great tour, thanks for the wonderful pictures!

  4. That was great, thanks for posting so many pictures. We are definitely going to have to go there. I grew up on country music. Her and Dolly Parton my Dad loved.
    In high school everyone else was listening to rock n roll and I was listening to country. I was like Barbara Mandrell's song....Country when country wasn't cool
    Looks like you had a great time. Amazing she is still touring.

  5. You got some great pics. Never been there and it looks very interesting and fun.

  6. That would definitely be a fun place to see.

  7. This place is now on our "to do" list. Thanks for the great review.


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