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Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Omer we miss you!

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario     
Car rides yes!!
        Have had a question about Omer, the dog here at the farm. Over the years I have posted many pictures of him and he has been very much a part of our lives. Even thou not our dog we became very attached to him and always had some great times together.
        It is not easy to post this but Omer had to be put to sleep the first Saturday in February. He had contacted "coon's" disease for the third time in as many years. This time paralyzed for quite a while it was apparent he would not be recovering and he was about 12 years old too. He certainly had a good life.

       Suzie loved to brush him, play with him and generally keep us company while we were here too. He had a great life here on the farm free to roam, play in the creek and chase the racoons and skunks. Yep we know when he played with the skunks thats for sure.

       If a stranger pulled in the laneway he was the alarm system and notified everyone here. He would come to your vehicle and jump up to greet you. A big dog that he was he would lick you death, but don't get him upset!

       One of the first times when we were here he had played with a ground hog (until it did not move anymore) and dropped it at the door of our coach when we were not home. His job here was critter control and he was very good at it. Well Dennis and Greg attempted to remove this carcass before we got back to our coach. Omer would not let that happen, he growled at anyone that went near it. Once we got home we saw his prize and told him he was a good boy and praised him. He smiled at us (imagine dog smiling) then left the area hunting again. Now the carcass can be removed. 

       But you know little children could come and jump all over him, pull his tail, hit him and tease him and he would just sit there and take it all in. 

       One thing he really enjoyed was riding in the tractor with Dennis our even running the fields while he was plowing. But I think his very favourite time was hopping in the truck with Dennis every morning for a ride to Tim Hortons drive thru. Dennis got his coffee and Omer got his "Tim Bit" treat. He would wait at the back of Dennis' truck every morning after the milkers stopped, so that Dennis could not leave without him.

        Just a few of the many pictures we have of him and so many great memories, I think he was the best farm dog ever!
Suzie rub my head
woof , lets play!
where's my treat ?
let sDance some more
         Omer will be missed by everybody here and quite a few people who never even met him. We hope to meet up with you again some day buddy!

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  1. Omer was a beautiful dog. I am sure he bright a smile to everyone who met him.

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  2. Very sorry to hear about the loss of Omer. He sure was a beautiful and well mannered dog. Having lost dogs of our own, I know how you are feeling tonight so I'll just say that only time cures the loss of a beloved pet. You'll have a lifetime of great memories to look back on and cherish.

    1. Yeas we have some great memories and lots of pictures to back them up!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about Omer. I know how difficult it is to lose one of our four legged friends.

  4. So very sorry about the passing of Omer. He was very ver special. Love the first photo of him on this post. Hugs to Suzie, very difficult to loose a pet even if it was only part time.

  5. Thank you Contessa, but we do have some wonderful memories together.

  6. How sad! I had really got to know Omer through your blog. Even though I hadn't met him personally, it still brought tears to my eyes. So sorry.

    1. Thank you for you kind words, he was very special.

  7. I was sad to hear about Omer's passing, and will miss your summer blog's about him. I am glad though that he lived a great full life, doing the things he liked and that's what it is all about for all of us.


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