Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Friday!

Where are we today ?
        Not much going on here but more weird weather. Yesterday was quite sunny and very warm (shorts, t-shirts and sandals). This morning rain and 15c (59f) not too bad, but a cold wind 40 kmh (25mph). With the temperatures dropping steadily all day down to -1 C  but feels like -8c (17f) maybe even some snow!
        The forecast after the weekend looks somewhat better as you can see below, it might get into the mid 50's F next week.
I know, still not used to this metric stuff and what makes it harder is we spend 6 months
in the USA using Fahrenheit temperatures that we grew up with. Not only that our
 coach registers in miles and our car kilometers.
        So with this kinda day, just puttering around computing, research and stuff, read a few of our magazines that arrived over the winter and plan supper. You can tell when I don't have much to blog about I just blog about cooking more food and the weather. But thats the rough life of being a fulltime rv'er.
        A trip to town looking for stuff to cook getting the car covered in mud from the freshly graded side road here the other day, just before the rains started. No point washing it yet, only last two minutes when back on these muddy roads.
sunny but very windy
        Like I mentioned yesterday gonna whip up a mess of Chinese style food we like. Very labor intensive but I do have the time and enjoy prepping and cooking it almost as much as eating. Its all the chopping and getting ready then it all cooks up very quickly.
        About an hour or so of prep, 15 minutes to cook it and 12 minutes to eat it. But there is a few left overs. Lunch tomorrow for somebody. Made up some pork fried rice, egg foo young and sweet and sour chicken thighs (not breaded). So we know whats in it, no gluten, no msg and no added sodium (just some low sodium soya sauce).
everything ready to go here plus a dozen eggs
one wok and two fry pans set
pork fried rice
sweet and sour chicken thighs
egg foo young
hit the spot and took care of the cravings
        So there, thats what we did, had fun shopping for groceries, computing and cooking. The neat thing I find about shopping at the local stores in the area we used to live is every time I go to a store I run into people have not seen for years. Sometimes takes a while to do a quick run to the store, but what's the hurry? And nice to see people again.
        Thanks for stopping by and moving your eyes back and forth. Our day was awesome hope yours was too!
         Oh yeah just noticed its Happy Friday, the weekend is here. Does it matter to us retired people? Sure does, it means the stores will be very busy at this time of year, best stay away until Happy Monday.
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  1. I think the weather is crazy everywhere...we had the heater on in Tucson this morning! Does that sound like the desert?

    Your Chinese looks yummy!

    1. I thought they were have extremely hot weather in Tucson right now, yes very strange weather.

  2. I agree in that crazy weather is just about everywhere.

    1. We don't have much choice thou. it is what it is.

  3. I love Chinese but would never attempt to make any of it. Well maybe the rice I could handle. Looks delicious.

    We had 80 degrees yesterday now it is 40. Crazy, crazy, crazy.

    1. Its pretty easy, once you chop everything up.
      At least you are warmer than here. On the south side of the lake makes a difference.

  4. I'm hoping for a nice day here as the sun is shining at 7:30am!

    You're right, Chinese food is all about the preparation and chopping! That's why I usually order take-out!

    1. Have a blizzard here at 6 am
      I don't mind doing the prep, and we get a lot more food for a lot less money too.


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