Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Super Saturday fun, right here in Ohio.

Where are we today ?
        A good nights sleep and not too cold overnight, only about 29f , little electric heater kept us quite comfy. Then this morning Mr. Heater brought us up to 74 f real quick like.
        Now we are only 300 miles from home buts its a lot nicer weather here, thats why we hanging out for a week. Just look at the temperatures below, left is back home and right is where we are, makes much more sense to stay here right?
left side home temperatures, right side, right here in Ohio
        Heading out to the store this morning I noticed this trailer on a really weird angle? No body here, looks like a new trailer and the right wheels about six inches off the ground.
       Now back home and I can cook breakfast on a saturday morning, just for the two of us. When I had my restaurant saturday mornings were a zoo. I went thru 10 flats of eggs (25 dozen), and about 25 lbs of fresh potatoes for home fries, many loaves of bread and lotsa bacon, ham, sausage and pancakes in less than three hours. But boy sure had fun doing it for those 10 years. 
        Mind you was much easier in the restaurant with all the commercial equipment I had there.
tasty breaky
         Now after lunch we were gonna sit outside just because it was real warm. But the sun went behind the clouds and we had a cool breeze.
        So went to Plan "B"  a few feet away is the indoor pool so lets go sit there. We  found  it very warm and not to noisy today, so managed a few hours here relaxing with our books, and even got my swim suit on for a soak in the hot tub and a few laps of the pool as well.
Suzie relaxing and you can see our coach in the background
these kids pretty quiet today
        Well we enjoyed our "Happy Hour" by the pool and headed back home to whip up supper.
        Grilled some jumbo shrimp on our Weber basted with garlic and olive oil, then steamed the last of our asparagus, made a Spanish Rice Pilaf and garlic bread. really hit the spot again.
        Now thats it once again, another great day just hanging out here enjoying our last few days in the USA.
        Thanks for stopping in and hope y'all come back, if it suits you. Make a comment too, but no more them anonymous comments anymore just getting way to much spam (30-40 a day). You will need to sign into your free google account to comment now.
Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
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  1. We love shrimp on the BBQ.
    Glad that weather is warming up in Ohio. It is about time.

    1. One of our favourites too.
      We are getting Ohio warmed up for you return.

  2. We had the very same breakfast at our campsite this morning. It is my favorite for sure!

    1. Sure is a great camping breakfast, good anytime.

  3. We love our Mr. Heater. It sure warms up our motorhome quickly too!

  4. That is one nice looking pool complex...enjoy!

  5. Now you've done it George! After seeing those bacon and eggs for breakfast I'm going to have to do the same thing now - I hope mine turn out as great looking as yours.

  6. Hope Sunday is just as good or even better than Sarurday...Enjoy!


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