Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saturday and Sunday all rolled into one.

Where are we today ?
        Friday night we were heading to bed after supper had an awesome sunset, after I posted the blog just have to share this picture with you.
nice sunset friday night at the farm
        This morning ( Saturday) we just packed up and hit the road, New places, new faces to see. To Rock Glen Resort our home R.O.D. (Resorts of Distinction) membership park in  Ontario.
110 kms(54 miles) Saturday
        A beautiful country drive on a sunny spring day. We arrived before noon and found a site to set up on.
the road to the campground
        We were lucky arriving today, the ground had firmed up a fair bit after all the heavy rains they have had lately. Just a few days ago three rigs got stuck trying to back into sites and had to be towed, so they are parked on the roadways where they won't get stuck.
Ron and Sharon parked on the road
we got a nice site and did not get stuck
        All set up and relaxing a bit while we had lunch. A few friends dropped in to chat too. Here we find out  Emile and Monique, Ron and Sharon, Jim and Linda, and Larry and Shirley all are here for a bit. All fulltime Rv'ers from Ontario that we know, stopping in for a while waiting for their respective seasonal sites to open up in at various parks in the next week or two.
        Jim and Linda we met in Abita Springs Louisiana in January. Ron an Sharon in Willis Texas in March. Emile and Monique we run into over the winter here and there, same with Larry and Shirley.  
        Then of course a few other people that are regulars and seasonal campers here too.
         It was such a nice day I thought I would take advantage of it to install our new airconditioner shrouds, that took a beating during the ice storm we had shortly after we arrived in Ontario.
badly damaged front shroud
sturdy new one
        Pretty easy install with a minor modification and 14 screws to re and re but then all is good to go. Much better quality shrouds then the original ones that are 14 years old.
rear shroud damaged too
looks much better  now
        With this done I set up our Weber to grill supper. Potato pockets and 1/2 chicken, some steamed broccoli and we are good to go.    
hit the spot, so tasty
        Then after supper wandered over to visit Mike and Trish, for a bit to catch up after our winter away. And Suzie got another dog fix playing with Maggie.
Suzie Keep me warm please
        Then Jim and Linda dropped in and we chatted some more, such a beautiful evening.
a nice warm night
          The conversation flows so easy with rv'ers then before we know it's getting chilly, and dark ! Like 10 pm, way past our bedtime and I have not even started posting our blog oops. Thats what we get for being sociable. It sure is a tough life but we do enjoy every minute of it. So a two days in one posting.

Fast forward to Sunday now

        Now Sunday its gonna be cooler and overcast gonna have some light rain. At least we had one awesome day yesterday, that wore us right out. So just puttered around for a while tgis morning walkabouts and chat with a few people, and a quick trip to the store, so nice that is only about 4 minutes away.
         We had pre arranged with Jim and Linda to get together for Happy hour this afternoon, have a few snacks chat, me some more people and sit around a campfire with a few beverages. Well the campfire was started, but then it began to drizzle. Eventually was drizzling just to much so we gonna take cover. First we thought maybe the clubhouse then Jim offered his trailer. (kinda a "Man Cave") Too cool, he had it custom built and paint to match their coach, and has all his tools, storage cabinets, inside and they put their SUV truck inside for towing. Today we also found out it makes a great party room out of the weather too.
       More people were invited but did not show probably because of the rain. We met Ron and Laurie (think I spelled that wrong, sorry). We had snacks chips, dips, cheesies, crackers and cheese and a a favourite of mine that Linda made, chicken wing dip.
Car trailer doubles as a party room
lotsa snacks
nice and cozy here
         Eventually we headed home around 5 o'clock to fire up our Weber and grill a couple burgers and heat up a can of pork and beans. Glad I opened our awning earlier so I could grill out of the rain.
Tasty burger and beans for supper
        So there, we had two busy days here, glad I installed the AC shrouds yesterday while the weather was nice enough to do so.
        And get together when we can because in a few days some are going their separate ways, not sure when we will meet again.
        Now relax after sunday supper, post our two day blog and enjoy a quiet evening with the raindrops on the roof. Really enjoy nice rainy days too, just don't need anymore rain here right now. Maybe even watch the tv for a bit tonight for a change.
         Thanks for dropping by for a peak, hope you had a good weekend too.
Check out the map below to see where we have been this summer
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  1. How nice to be with so many friends. I love the idea of the car trailer turning into a party trailer. Very clever indeed.

    Great job on the air conditioner. Looks great!

    1. Always meet som many people as we travel, and we enjoy them all.
      These are nice good quality shrouds too.

  2. Sounds like a busy 48 hours. Good job on the new A/C covers, they look great. Love the man cave, trailer idea, this could become a trend.

    1. Yep we were busy, The Man caved worked out pretty good, the first time women were allowed in it too.

  3. Now I want one of those party trailers! Looks like a blast.

  4. HI HO George, saw you out walkin in the rain. After 18 holes yesterday just couldn't bring myself to unlock the door or move off the sofa today. Perhaps tomorrow my old bones will feel like workin agin.
    Later Ron
    P.S. Good lookin burgers and beans.

    1. With clouds and rain it was a good couch day anyway, I just don't know enough to stay outta the weather.

  5. Burgers and beans - one of my favourite all-time dinners. That party trailer is a good idea - sure glad you didn't decide to start a campfire in there though!!

    1. I offered to set up my propane fire pit but Jim said no.

  6. Nice to be with so many friends! Nice fix on the AC toppers...your roof looks brand do you keep it so clean?

    Have a great week!

    1. Yeah we had fun, yesterday. Our roof is metal so easy to keep clean just wash it 3-4 times a year. And eliminates black streaks when clean.


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