Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Put some more miles on today, but took a lot longer than it should have!

Where are we today ?
        We had a good nights sleep in the Camping World parking lot Bowling Green Kentucky last night. This morning coffees and computing for a bit just waiting for the right mood and hit the road. No real rush 322 miles today and when we left just before 8am should have been to our destination in Ohio at 2:30pm, perfect right?
322 miles today
         Well we hopped on I-65 heading north and at about 8:35 in a construction zone traffic pretty well stopped. Now turned on our CB radio to see whats happening and it appears a flatbed trailer had lost a load of steel warehouse shelving and the highway is closed! Hmm.. Well we are two miles from exit 53 and the traffic is being diverted around the accident.
traffic ahead of us
traffic behind us
        No where to go except wait and wait we did! We sat there, inched along, computing checking the news etc.. for two and 1/2 hours. We finally reached exit 53 only 2 miles away. And by the time we reached the exit for the detour the highway was finally open, one lane only.
        No problem thou we are in our house, we have a washroom, drinks and even had breakfast while waiting to get moving again.
We took turns driving, park and go a few feet.
Exit 53 almost there
         A couple miles up the road was the crash site, most of the steel had been moved over the cement wall here and crews cleaning up the other side of the road.
crews busy picking up the pieces
        The tractor trailer was hooked to a tow truck and did not look too badly damaged so imagine the driver was not seriously injured.
        But now its 11 am and we are heading into Louisville Kentucky, not too much traffic here, took the bypass. Oh yeah, look at the highway signs we noticed here (the Mileage!!) Posted in kilometers and miles wonder whats going on here? The next two photos.
        Problem now was we are behind our planned schedule and ended up hitting Cincinnati Ohio at 2:30pm (3:30pm local time) we getting into heavy traffic, the beginning of rush hour. This was not part of the plan.  So a slow drive thru here, then hit Dayton Ohio and 4:40 pm more rush hour traffic. 
Cincinnati Ohio, just before the traffic happened
        But we just kept on going, finally arrived at our destination at 5:45pm, two and 1/2 hours later than planned. But the sun is shinning, we got a full service site, right beside the clubhouse with a nice indoor pool and two hot tubs. Coast to coast $10. a night so we gonna stay here a week.  30 minutes later we set up, satellite dish working and heating up supper, enjoying a cold beer.
a nice sunny site right by the pool
The rest of our hamburger helper, salad and french bread,
perfect after a long day on the road.
        Now can finish up posting our blog and relax for a while before calling it a night.
        We will enjoy out last few days in the States here with these nice facilities.

         Thanks for coming along for the ride today, sorry it took so long but not really our fault. Come  on back again and we can enjoy the pool, hot tub and Happy Hours together.

Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter

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  1. No fun to sit in a long line-up, but being in a motor home you are the ones who are best off.

  2. One of the reasons we try and stay away from the Interstate when we're in the motorhome!

    1. We do too usually but wanted to put on some miles today.

  3. Good old I-65 it is good for accidents, traffic back ups for miles and miles. Don't know if you were reading the blog when we were stuck on 65 for over 6 hours. You were not too far from us.
    Hope the rest of your trip is accident free.

    1. We hope so too, there was actually a similar accident the day before in almost the same spot.

  4. Teresa and I were caught in a standstill once too. Seems a semi caught fire, and we did not move for about an hour.

    Luckily we were in the motorhome and had food and a bathroom, but we noticed a lot of ladies running off past the ditch and behind some bushes .. lol.

    Isn't it great when you are not stuck on a schedule ... take care ... TnT

    1. No schedule just want to get there before dark.

  5. Days like that are no fun. At least you'll be able to rest up for a whole week. Enjoy the pool, hot tub and the full hookups.

  6. Looks like a lot of traffic, but you two have the right attitude, enjoy your house on wheels no matter what!

    1. We are home no matter where we are so no big deal.

  7. Oh dear, that is a long day. Hope no one was hurt in the accident.

    Enjoy your stay in Ohio.

    1. Luckily no one was injured in this crash.

  8. Boy did you deserve that beer...gald you made it safe, that's what is important.

    I have to catch up...can't wait to read about Loretta Lynns Ranch.

    Have a great day! Enjoy that pool and hot tub!

    1. We will for sure!
      Hope you enjoy the ranch.


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