Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, April 26, 2013

A busy last day here and good deals to be had.

Where are we today ?
        Today we have a busy day ahead of us. Up before the sun as usually coffees and computing then headed out at 7:45 to the Lab in New Hamburg for my annual blood work. Well the lab was very busy there at 8am, opening waiting room full. About a 45 minute wait then head out.
         Stopped by to visit youngest daughter in Drumbo and drop off some Easter gifts for our grandsons (better late then never). She was just walking back from taking some of the daycare kids to school. The younger ones she has all day. Also she gets to walk the dogs too. The weather was awesome so we got to hang out and chat for quite a while.
        Then I carried on to Hamilton, Sicard RV to pick up the airconditioning shrouds that we had ordered a week or so ago. If you remember they were both damaged from the freezing rain and ice storm we had here shortly after we were wlcome back to Canada.  Jeff Intini is the parts guys here to contact and gives us an awesome deal on parts. Even better than the best price that I can find in the USA. For $212.00 we got two new shrouds and saved $300.00 compared to what a local dealer in this area wanted.
just barely got them in the car
         When I got there cars are parked all down the side of the hiway. Forgot this weekend is their spring Open House. Exactly the same weekend we purchased our coach here 7 years ago from Mr. Larry Vanstone. And I noticed his car was here so tracked him down to say hi. But this poor guy is doing what he loves most, selling Rv's and helping people follow their dreams, just like he did for us.
        Ok Larry is a cool guy and his wife Marilyn she is such a sweetie, even puts up with him too, for a lot of years!
        We have Rv'd with Larry and Mar in a few spots, Ontario, Arizona, Texas and even followed them to Mexico in 2009. He is retired (kinda) but just can't stop having too much fun selling. He does have a blog and  posts some nonsense and even interesting things occasionally you can check out the Amazing Vanstones if your are so inclined,by clicking HERE.
        Now if you wanna buy an RV and are in the area check out Sicards and talk to Larry, if he is there and not hanging out in their RV. He won't let you buy something you don't want to buy, tell him I sent you and he might even buy me a beer. If you don't tell him I sent you he will buy me a beer anyway, that's just the kinda guy he is.
          So after loading the covers in our car I grabbed a free sausage on a bun and pop then wandered about the lots looking at dreams. We have the perfect coach so not buying, just nice to look and see whats out there.

        Suzie was not with me today, she took here father to the Hospital in Stratfordfor a minor operation on his wrist. So I was free to browse the lot enjoying the great weather and enjoy my "free" lunch. 
lotsa pretty good deals here
picnic area to relax and eat, dream about a new rv
and listen to the entertainment,
        Well finally got back to the farm shortly after 2 pm, unloaded the shrouds, then ran to the store to pick up a few things for supper.
nice new sturdy shrouds, now just need to install them,
 when I can make time!
         Then got a call from Suzie to pick her up at her Mom and Dad's and get her back home. Now she can play with another great Niece Addison while I was prepping supper.
        I made up some potato pockets for our grill with potatoes, onions, green peppers spices and olive oil, wrapped in foil. After 40 minutes I set them aside to keep warm and grilled some very tasty bone in pork chops, on our Weber of course, to enjoy with mixed veggies and a tossed salad I whipped up. 
tender juicy chops
put it together and we had another tasty meal
        That was it for our busy day here in New Hamburg. In the morning we are making tracks for Rock Glen Resort in Arkona our home membership park. To relax (maybe?) but will be back here in 11 days for a couple more appointments.
         Thanks for stopping by for a peak hope you had a good day too!

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  1. That is great you saved so much money on the Shrouds let's hope they don't get damaged too.

    1. We can always hope, but the old ones were 14 years old and getting kinda brittle anyway.

  2. You had a busy day...nice to kick some tires out there!

  3. You daughters pups are gorgeous! What pretty eyes!

    Nothing like a good ole FREE hotdog!

    Hope Suzies dad is doing ok.....

    Happy trails!

    1. Suzie's dad is doing fine, thanks for dropping by.

  4. Love the way you always post pics of your yummy looking dinners!! And your "free lunch" looked awesome too! The babies are adorable!! Love your blog!

  5. Busy, busy, busy. We bought our Minnie Winner in 2007 at Sicards. Good folks there.

  6. Good deal on the shrouds for sure. It's pretty amazing what hail can destroy.

  7. What a full fun day you had. The sausage sandwich looks delicious. Hope Suzie dad did fine with the surgery.

    1. The sausage was very tasty.
      And all went well with the surgery.

  8. You have been busy, time to move on down the road and relax a bit.

    1. Thats our plan, but a lotta people at the campground we know.

  9. It's pretty dangerous browsing through an RV lot. You never know what you might end up driving home with you.


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