Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Warm sunny day , 2 hockey games, and some wonderful family time with daughter # 2

Where are we today ? 
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      Cooled down overnight and at 5 am was 37F (2.7C)  But when the sun came up things quickly warmed up and no wind yet , So I headed on down the road and back for a wonderful 2 mile walk, This is more like it!
at the end of the laneway this
 Rhinoceros tree met me
I had a nice walkabout down this road an back
2 miles a good start to my day
lotsa huge Turkey barns here
        Then shortly after 8 am I took the back roads into The Home Hardware in Plattsville to fill our 5 gallon water jug with RO water for drinking. $2.99 here. And of course Kim is there with her smiling face to greet me again, gotta love small town business. Then while here I ran into people I have not seen for a while, Shane, Scott and Connie I have known for over 35 years always nice to catch up with people again. We chatted for a bit then I was back home to putter around a bit then whip up a tasty light lunch.
Beef cattle here
this is the sugar bushes from yesterdays posting
a dairy farm lots in this area
         Then back home
         Then after lunch at 12:30 we headed to Ayr Ontario to watch Grandson #4 play hockey Yeah!!!! They are playing 4 on 4 a fast paced game that keeps these guys moving. Non stop skating for 50 minutes, every 90 seconds they change players on the go, the clock never stops. These guys sure have fun and a good workout.
The Ayr Arena
prepping the ice
he she come Grandaughter number 3 no walking mind
 you we have not seen her for 6 months
hmm not sure who I am
but she warmed up soon
walking with Gramma Suzie
GS # 4 yellow stockings easier to spot
 he really moves
love her smile and all those teeth
always on the go
he scored 2 goals today
         After the game we went to see their new house a huge home 3 bedrooms 2 baths, awesome kitchen living room and family room.
it was just finished last fall
     Then we went outside to play for a bit enjoying the nice weather.
she loves climbing
love this huge kitchen, always a busy one
        They were going to have pizza for an early supper and asked us to join them. Wow that would be awesome, so we enjoyed a wonderful tasty pizza, remember there is 6 of them and two angry teenagers, we got to spend the afternoon hanging g out with these guys.
A very tasty treat for supper , thanks guys
Now she is going to make desert and play us a tune
ok back outside fresh air racing their car around the dirt
then there is Kane thinks he is a lap dog
       They also make there own Maple syrup, tapping the trees with buckets and make enough for themselves.
a few trees here are tapped.
wee down the slide
big brother showing her the scooter
mom giving here a few tips
oh yeah fresh warm carrot cake from her other Gramma
we enjoyed them too, thanks
     Then we took a nice long walk back the acreage, work off lunch and enjoy the sunshine, cool breeze though.
she even held my hand just like her mom used to do
seems like yesterday
beautiful property here there home is in the centre
         Back home getting ready for the next hockey game at 6 pm with her oldest brother Grandson #1
almost ready
I got a doggie fix with this tiny furry thing, too cute
     The here we again 4 on 4 nonstop action again with the older guys for 50 minutes  he is in the yellow as well, And he scored 1 goal having fun and a good workout.
he is a big guy by for 15
great hockey player too
there she is with Mom and Dad keeping an eye on me
we played peek a boo and had lots a laughs
     Now after 7 pm hockey all done we took the 30 minute drive back home. Wrapped up this posting and called it a night.
did catch this sunset on the drive
     Too much fun today 2 hockey games, wonderful family visit, awesome weather and a tasty dinner. Does life get much better than this? Sounds pretty perfect to me, actually next weekend probably even more perfecter.
     Thanks for taking the time to drop on by.

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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. How fun! My how she has grown!! Love the pic of you two.

    1. She sure has grown and oh such a sweetie, really love that she walked with me and held my hand.

  2. Wonderful family time wasn't it. About three weeks and a long drive until I start this year's grandkid fix.

    1. Nothing quite like family time with the grandkids, they grows fast. Your time is coming soon.

  3. Have not seen 4-on-4 played as a game before, looks like a fasted paced period on steroids. What an awesome game to watch. GD#3 still has those eyes! Enjoy the family time!

    1. The 4 0n 4 is nonstop action the puck never stops for 50 minutes, fun to watch and fast paced . She does still have those eye, we always enjoy the family time.

  4. What a fabulous day, getting to see family and watching them play hockey. And OH that pretty baby with here gorgeous smile and blue eyes. Walking with our grandkids and the memories come flooding in.

    1. Thank JO it was a wonderful day, love wvatchingbthem play hockey, And here smile and the eyes are amazing, Yes so many memories for me, with the kids and grandkids over the years,

  5. What a wonderful day you guys had! Your little granddaughter is simply ADORABLE!

    1. Thanks Ms. B it was a really great day, she sure is a sweetie.

  6. Always good to get back and catch up with family.

  7. Always nice to see the kids and grands after being away. Keep enjoying your time with them.

    1. Yes it sure is nice to see them and spend an afternoon together. More family to enjoy yet.

  8. What a wonderful day and nice to get back into the swing of things. The granddaughter is adorable and soon warmed up to you both.
    Keep on having fun!

    1. Thanks Patsy she sure is. It sure was a wonderful day and to see the boys play hockey again was a real treat as well. We have fun everyday and the same to you guys as well.

  9. What a great way to spend your day!

  10. It sure is beautiful in the area you are at! Your daughter's house and the area is just gorgeous! Congrats to them for such a beautiful place! That 4 on 4 sounds like a lot of fun to watch and very fast paced! Lunch looks wonderful, nice you got to enjoy a great time with family. GD #3 is just too cute! Loved the way she held your hand, thinking she might have her grandaddy wrapped around her finger :) Looks like a lot of property they have, will they be growing anything out there?

    1. The 4 on 4 is very fast paced non stop action. Lunch was very tasty and a treat for us, the family time is always wonderful. And of course GD #3 does does most little girls do wrap me around there little fingers. This is actually her mother's and step father's property, they raise beef cattle, the land is mostly for pasture , plus they have some vegetables and lots of chickens. Farm fresh eggs, fresh baked goods etc.... They help out there with chores and a great place for the kids to grow up, and ride their atvs.

  11. Wow, lots of pictures today/. Be careful George, your shadow is getting really thin. Such a lovely family and a special day spent together. Love that photo of you holding your granddaughters and with you daughter alongside. You made some new memories.

    1. My thin shadow enjoyed the walk with me and I feel like a new person once again, We had fun and more amazing memories were made.

  12. Glad you two could spend some quality time with Jessie and the whole Family ❤ loved all the pictures 🥰

    1. Thanks it sure was a wonderful day with them all, so much fun. Glad you enjoyed the pics we did too.

  13. The above message was from Karen lol

    1. Ah thanks for letting us know Karen, was wondering who Unknown was.

  14. Sure is fun to spend time with the GK's. We are sure enjoying that ourselves.
    Nice to see spring is all around you there. The leaves will be next!

    1. It was a wonderful day, but cold weather came back be a while yet befit the leaves come out.


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