Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Nothing like a wonderful warm sunny Sunday

Where are we today ?
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     Hey its Sunday morning already where did the week go? Amazing how the days just fly by especially now being retired and being a fulltimerver. No need to get up for work, so we get up early anyway to enjoy a new day dawning right in font of us. What are we going to do today? Hmm not sure yet, lets just see how the day evolves. Now 7 am 40 F (4C) and no wind, sun is up, but a bit cloudy. Think a nice walkabout will get things going and see where my thoughts take me for the rest of the day. Got back home by 8 am 1.5 miles in 3 miles before the day was done,,ready for action. And quite nice with the sun shining now and only a light breeze,
yup a pretty nice day to start
loving the sunrises here
spotted a  few buds on the trees
spring is coming
soon these trees will have leaves as well
love the reflections in the ponds here
our campsite we get the morning sun is wonderful
8 am.
        Ok have a plan a nice country drive to Strathroy for a few needed groceries enjoying the scenery and a nice quiet grocery store. Picked up some food specials and back home by 10:30 sun shining clear blues skies loving this weather.
love this old store reproduction
   Home for a light lunch and a visit from our good friend Ron catching up with their busy lives as well. Was nice to see him again.
    Then we spent the afternoon enjoying this wonderful almost warm sunny day in the sun out of the cool north wind behind our coach enjoying  our e-readers.
love the views here and the clear blue sunny skies
    While sitting our here good friends Diane and Don spotted us outside and stopped by to chat for  a bit , another couple we have not seen since last summer. So nice to catch up with them again.
Diane and Don stopped by
we were siting behind our coach out of the wind
more buds on the trees
         Soon it was time to whip up supper . Tonight we gonna do some fresh cut fries in our Fry daddy that we love, Then fry up some catfish fillets we have as well. Do love our catfish fillets.
fries about done keep warm on our Weber Q
while the fish fries
not long and our catfish is done to perfection
we good now
fresh cut fries and catfish
does not get much better
    That was an amazing spring day here in Arkona, cooler than we like but a great day in the sun and no rain. Can't get much better than this except maybe a few degrees warmer would be nice.
     Hey, thanks for dropping on by.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. The weather here in South Dakota has been like being on a roller coaster. Mid 60's and sunny one day, cool and windy the next followed by rain. Tomorrow we have snow in the forecast, not sure what is going on around here!

    1. No snow here just cloudy rainy , some sunshine weird as well.

  2. Beautiful views of the park and a great sunrise to boot! Great way to start your day. Amazing how fast they go isn't it?! Your dinner looks really yummy! Nice to have people stop by and visit in the beautiful sunshine!

    1. This is a very nice park we enjoy it here a lot, Interesting sunrise too.
      Nice to see Don and Diane again and chat with them for a while. We do love our catfish and so glad we have our Fry Daddy.

  3. Glad you are keeping busy visiting and exploring.
    Have to agree about Warmer Weather.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Always something to see and people to talk to wherever we go.
      Soon it will be warmer.

  4. Here in the Gulf Shores area things have pretty much blossomed and now pretty shades of green!! With that comes some warmer weather!!
    Supper looks delicious!!! Great day you allowed to evolve!!! 🙂

    1. We have lotsa green not many flowers or leaves yet, we waiting for the warmer weather as well.
      Supper was yummy not quite like some good catfish. It really was a wonderful day.

  5. Gee, it's 80 degrees here in South Carolina right now. Do you want us to send you some of that warmth? :cD

    1. Wow 80 degrees are would be nice right about now. Please send us some warmth.

  6. I really liked the picture of the pond that reflects the clouds above. That catfish dinner looks very tasty.

    1. Thanks this is a beautiful place, Oh and the Catfish as usual is very tasty.


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