Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A Perfect sunny spring day and a few things taken care of.

Where are we today ? 
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      Another wonderful nights sleep was almost 6 am when I woke up wow ! Enjoying this campsite here and a nice morning sunrise right out our Kitchen window. As the sunrise was up and clear blue skies I headed out for my first walkabout here this year. Checking everything out. Love the campground at this time of year, so peaceful and hardly anyone camped here perfect! On my walk I chatted with Melinda for a bit she working, and John the maintenance guy, everyone is doing well and of course Jane's friendly face in the office. Actually only got 2 miles in, but a lot of gum flapping in the process.
we do enjoy this campground
 a nice sunrise this morning
         Enjoying the fresh morning air warm sunshine and peaceful campground.
nobody camping in the valley
our coach there in he middle, wind turbines in the distance
this campsite we enjoy when the ground dries up
nobody here in the square
     Up by the ponds this year 7 geese here, no babies yet.
love the reflections in the pond
nice cabins here to rent we stayed in the second to the right
last summer for a week when our coach was being repaired
            Inside checking out the pool I will enjoy when I have more time.
 a nice warm pool and can be quiet at certain times
one of a few playgrounds here for the kids
entrance here
        Then a quick trip to the Foodland in Forest for a few things (seniors day) save 5 % and needed the stuff anyway. Back home for a light lunch then into Arkona to get laundry done, Suzy had sorted the clothes, I let the machines clean everything, folded it and back home she can put it away.
heading into Forest a nice country drive
back into Arkona for the laundry only 2 miles away
           Now time to enjoy some of this outside weather getting some more reading done on this page turner I can barely put down. And eventually finish it on the next book in this Prey series with Lucas Davenport.
our view outside enjoying the warm sun
and out of the cool breeze
the next book in the John Sanford prey Series
I have been hooked for quite a while I think # 24 in the series
       After a quiet Happy hour time to whip up supper. Tonight a couple of bone in pork chops I thawed out  using this wonderful Grub Rub I found in Texas.
only in Texas so I have a supply on hand
     Preheat our Weber Q and not long they are done to perfection.
looks like a lot but lotsa bone
so tasty and our salad to go with it
leftovers too
     After supper and dishes we sat outside for a while until 7:15 , but getting chilly in the shade. At 52 F time to head inside for the night.
     We really enjoyed this wonderful warm sunny day here at a park we both enjoy, looking forward to more. Got laundry taken care of some fresh air reading, chatted with a few friends and supper grilled on our Weber Q. A pretty perfect day in our books.
     Hope y'all had a great day wherever you are and thanks for checking us out.

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 Where have we been this Summer ?

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